Comic-Con 2011: Showtime Panel Recap – New Trailers for DEXTER and HOMELAND; SHAMELESS Will Diverge from the UK Original in Season 2

     July 23, 2011


Comic Con 2011: At the Showtime Preview Panel, Michael C. Hall and company talked up the 6th season of Dexter; William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum and John Wells teased the second season of Shameless; Morena Baccarin and Howard Shore discussed their new show Homeland. For all this, plus new trailers for Dexter and Homeland, hit the jump.

Exhibit A: Shameless

Panel Participants: John Wells (Executive Producer), Emmy Rossum (Fiona Gallagher), Justin Chatwin (Steve), William H. Macy (Frank Gallagher)

Bullet List Highlights:

- Justin Chatwin (last seen in the finale boarding a plane and flying off from Chicago) will return in season two, although the when and how was not explicated.

– On Fiona’s attempts to get over Steve and the recent casting of James Wolk (Lonestar) as a new suitor for her, Macy commented on advice once given to him by his wife: “The only way to get over someone is to get under someone.”

– Joan Cusack and Amy Smart will both return in guest star capacity as Sheila Jackson and Jasmine respectively for the new season.

– Chloe Webb as Monica Gallagher will more than likely return for the latter part of season two.

– Season Two will take place during the summer vs. the winter of the first. This was mostly spurred by the fact Chicago is really cold during the winter and production didn’t want to deal with the sub-temperatures for the new season.

– While the American version of season one was fairly close to that of the U.K. original story-wise, season two will radically shift form its British counterpart in no small part due to the fact Fiona and Steve both left the U.K show at the end of the second season, something which the U.S. edition will not repeat.

– Wells, to a question on why so many intimate conversations on the show take place in the bathroom/bedroom, remarked that from his experiences the most personal of conversations take place in three different places: 1) the restroom 2) the kitchen 3) the bedroom (usually during the most explicit of moments, he was quick to chime)

Exhibit B: Homeland

homeland-claire-danesPanel Participants: Howard Gordon (24), Morena Baccarin (V)

Bullet List Highlights:

– Not much to say as Showtime’s keeping the “mysteries” of Homeland in the dark – however from the trailer, the show seems to concern a missing POW (Damian Lewis) who returns home only to come under the suspicions of a CIA agent (Claire Danes) as being a sleeper cell turncoat. Morena Baccarin plays Lewis’s distraught wife and the great Mandy Patinkin plays… someone (I’m really not sure who) but I do know he’s sporting an awesome beard in the trailer (Speaking of which – the aforementioned trailer is below).

– Gordon stated the Homeland was at heart a psychological thriller dealing with civil liberties and the inherent complexities within such a system. The show, he opined, would deal with these issues in a much more nuanced way than 24 (ha, ha, ha…).

Exhibit C: Dexter

Panel Participants: Sarah Colleton (executive producer), Scott Buck (executive producer), C.S. Lee (Vince Masuka), David Zayas (Angel Batista), James Remar (Harry Morgan), Colin Hanks (Travis Marshall), Michael C. Hall (Dexter Morgan), Mos Def (Brother Sam)

dexter-image-mos-def-michael-c-hallBullet List Highlights:

– The panel played coy on giving up info about the upcoming season. Any questions regarding Mos Def or Colin Hanks’ characters were immediately sidestepped, although judging from the just released trailer with Hanks wielding snakes and speaking cryptically to Olmos, it’s safe to say Hank’s up to no good.

– There were some mild hints given on where the 6th season of Dexter will go – the season picks up a year after the whole Lumen affair. Hall stated that Dexter is unplugged from that experience and once again back to his killing ways.

– Dexter, this season, begins to worry he could pass on the “killing gene” to his son. He knows that as Harrison grows older, he will be unable emotionally to deal with raising his newborn and molding him into a model citizen. As such he seeks to ground his son’s upbringing under a religious/spiritual background, which in turn leads him to Olmos, Def and Hank’s characters.

– On diverging from the books: the producers revealed that after the first book they stopped reading the series and that all forthcoming seasons (just like the preceding four) will have nothing to do with the novels.

–  The new trailer for Dexter Season 6:

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