DEXTER’S Jennifer Carpenter Exclusive Video Interview – Saturn Awards 2009

     June 30, 2009

Jennifer Carpenter image Dexter (1).jpg

I’m very late to the “Dexter” party. While many folks told me to tune in, I only recently watched Showtime’s hit show and have to say…it’s as great as everyone says. If you aren’t familiar with the show, “Dexter” is about a Miami blood splatter specialist who moonlights as a serial killer. The twist is that he was trained from a young age to hunt down and kill other killers. Trust me, the show is extremely well written and each season has a great arc.

So now that you know how I feel about the show, you’ll understand how excited I was to interview Jennifer Carpenter – who plays Dexter’s sister – at last week’s Saturn Awards. Unlike when I interviewed her for “Quarantine“, this time I was very familiar with her show and tried to ask as many fan questions as I could think of. So after the jump you can watch Jennifer talk about Dexter’s 4th season and she says the first shot of episode one is going to make “Dexter” fans very happy. Take a look:

Jennifer Carpenter

  • Dexter 4th season talk
  • Says they have filmed the first two episodes. Starts this October. She isn’t told how the season is going to go. Finds out script to script.
  • Says the very first shot of the first episode is intense. She thinks Dexter fans are going to be very happy
  • The Factory talk – a movie she shot on hiatus
  • Says she has a contract for five years

Jennifer Carpenter image Dexter.jpg