New Trailer for DIANA Starring Naomi Watts and Naveen Andrews

     August 6, 2013


A new trailer has been released for the romantic biopic, Diana.  Directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel (Downfall) and starring Naomi Watts as Princess Diana, the story focuses on the final two years of the late princess’ life, specifically centering on her secret affair with heart surgeon Dr. Hasnat Kahn, played by Naveen Andrews (Lost).  This trailer quickly pushes Diana towards the top of my “Do Not Give a Shit” List.  I don’t want to see a fawning portrait of Princess Diana, but that seems inevitable when you have lines like, “You’re so good at giving love.  The hard part is receiving love.”  I once met a woman who had a gigantic portrait of Princess Diana in her office.  It was weird.  I think she’d go for this movie.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.



  • David

    Dear Collider Staff-

    I’ve had enough. I’ve loved this site for a very long time, but this is it for me. It’s unbelievable the amount of vile, hate and disrespect you let Matt Goldberg get away with. As long as he’s on Collider, I won’t be. I will patronize the competition.

    Good night, sweet prince.

    • Boof Bonser

      100% agree, well said.

    • Strong Enough

      FINALLY. BYE! don’t come back! ha!

  • Lance

    I wouldn’t have a giant portrait of Diana in my office, either. But is it really that much weirder than the big Empire Strikes Back poster hanging up there? Don’t be so judgmental, Matt.

    • stylus59

      ^this. some are fans of star wars, some are fans of princess di. bottom line is they’re still just fans. no double standard please, matt

  • bidi

    so i have an idea to perhaps cut down on the Goldberg hatred. when i watch a trailer on the site, i watch the trailer first, then i gather my own opinions, and then i read what Goldberg or anyone else has to say about it, checking to see if his opinions align with mine. i think the problem is since people read top to bottom, the opinion is presented before anyone can form their own. so maybe put the trailer as the very first thing you see when you open an article, and then Goldberg or whomever can speak his mind afterwards. just a suggestion to cut back on all the hating

  • Knecht

    Usually Goldberg’s opinions annoy or anger me, but in this case I think he’s spot on.

  • jackjack

    Some would like to see Diana as a “royal outsider”….when in reality she was simply an ill person (bpd)… This picture is trying to milk a legend, which was build by press, nothing more than that. Feel sorry for Naomi Watts, she really wants her well deserved Oscar… here it looks like it’s her worst performance ever, which means she can win the prize…

    • Gerard Kennelly

      you gotta admit her voice is perfect as diana

  • Merked

    Funny you say that Goldberger cuz your “Do Not Give A Shit” list is actually at the top of my “Don’t Give A Fuck” list. It only resides under “Matt Goldberg loses his job at Collider, realizes no one else will hire him to report film news, becomes highly depressed, grows a long, scruffy beard, and lives out the rest of his days in his mommy’s spare bedroom mowing her lawn and washing her car to compensate for rent”.

    • Gerard Kennelly

      what a childish comment
      to say one of the years most anticipated performances is something he doesn’t give a sh** about :(

      • Merked

        I didn’t say that…he did. Go read the article agai….fuck it I’ll spoon feed it to you.

        “This trailer quickly pushes Diana towards the top of my “Do Not Give a Shit” List. I don’t want to see a fawning portrait of Princess Diana, but that seems inevitable when you have lines like…”

  • Gerard Kennelly

    when naomi says ‘it’s almost as if he doesn’t know who i am’
    watts sounds exactly like the real diana
    when she spoke in that infamous interview about the affairs
    she said ‘it was a bit crowded’

  • Sean Connery

    Yeah, I don’t want to see this either.

  • -

    I basically agree. Naomi Watts will probably be good, but the script seems almost like it was churned out of a computer that had been fed lines from every biopic ever made.

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