Dick in the Box Part 2 – Motherlover

     May 10, 2009

If you aren’t a fan of Justin Timberlake on “Saturday Night Live”, you’re missing out on some funny stuff. The guy has hosted the show three times, and each episode has been one of the best of that season. Also, every episode has produced a classic sketch.

Since many of you might have missed last night’s episode, I grabbed two of the best segments off Hulu for you to watch after the jump.

The first one is a new SNL Digital Short called Motherlover. All I want to say about it is…if you saw the classic SNL short “Dick in a Box”, this is part 2! And make sure you notice who they got as guest stars.

The second video isn’t as funny as the first, but it does pertain to “Star Trek”, and I heard that might be a little popular right now. Take a look:


Star Trek