Watch THE DICTATOR Spill Kim Jong-il’s Ashes on Ryan Seacrest on the Oscars Red Carpet

     February 27, 2012


Last night, I watched more Oscar red carpet coverage than I ever have in my life because I made the grave error of showing up to a party two-and-a-half hours early.  We watched far too much of E!’s pre-show coverage and when we felt our brains trying to escape like a passenger on a sinking ship, we switched over to ABC’s red-carpet coverage.  Naturally, that’s when something interesting happened on E!.  The Twitterdome exploded by saying that Sacha Baron Cohen‘s character from The Dictator, Admiral General Aladeen (who was “banned” and then “unbanned” from the Oscars), had spilled Kim Jong-il‘s ashes on Ryan Seacrest.  We scoured the Internet for video because of course E! wasn’t going to replay the night’s best moment.  We couldn’t find the video online because the Internet chose to let us down.  Thanks, Internet.

Thankfully, the video has finally gone online and you can check out staged antics after the jump.  The Dictator opens May 11th.



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  • Ryan

    Aside from Plummer and Dujardin’s acceptance speech it was by far the only other watchable segment of the last night’s show.

    • Ryan

      Oh, and Angelina Jolie’s leg, that shit was priceless.

  • j

    Billy Crystal was great though, light years better than Franco and Hathaway

    • Eric Cormier

      Ummmm no. No he wasn’t

      • james


      • cloxlider


  • Rylee

    Even though I’m not a fan of Seacrest’s, I didn’t find any humor it the Dictator’s stunt. He should have been thrown out. I do wish Cohen had played that prank on another actor though. One that would have decked his ass.

    • excpired

      First of all you guys aren’t too smart if you don’t think Seacrest was in on the stunt. Obviously it was a ratings probe, and those girls talking it up was even more planned.

      Wasn’t even very funny to begin with, would have been more funny if he blew Kimg Jong-il’s dust on peoples faces like it was a good luck charm or something and then got chased down the red carpet by some bouncers or something.

  • Christian

    Did I watch the same show as you guys? This ceremony was so much funnier than last year’s. I’m a really tough guy to please, but I was laughing my ass off almost through the whole show. You guys should all take the sticks out of your asses and lighten up. This was WAY better than last year’s train wreck.

    That being said I think this whole gag by Cohen was a dick move. You don’t go ruining some guys tux on Oscar night. I mean, even if it’s a dude we all hate, there’s just a line you don’t cross.

    • Dean

      Ur bang on Christian… The Oscars this year was once more about a celebration of movies… Billy was as good as he has ever been and his charm removed the awkwardness of previous years… I haven’t enjoyed the actual show in years but I really enjoyed this year’s… Welcome back Billy… and thank you for coming back!

  • Michael

    Thank you, Mr. Cohen! It’s about time someone dumped on Seacrest.

  • OscarWhat

    Some people have to catch up on Cohen.. he does elaborate and outrageous and entertaining stunts as publicity for his next movie.. ie. Bruno vs Eminem at the MTV Awards but Eminem was in on it all along.. the genius thing of his stunts is that we don’t know who’s in it or not..

  • ish

    staged? Ryan Seacrest looking pretty PO’d for two minutes looked priceless and real!