THE DICTATOR (Sacha Baron Cohen) Responds to Oscars Ban [Updated: Cohen Will Appear as The Dictator, Releases Victory Image]

     February 24, 2012


A couple days ago, we reported that the Oscars were banning Sacha Baron Cohen from attending the ceremony as his character from The Dictator, Admiral General Aladeen.  The banning wasn’t unexpected since the Academy has the world’s largest stick jammed up the world’s tightest ass, and while Cohen’s character is comically offensive, it would be entertaining, which is not in the spirit of this year’s Oscars.  This morning, Aladeen went on The Today Show and MSNBC to protest being banned from “The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Zionists.”  The video and the interview give a good sense of the offensive humor he was planning to bring to the Oscars, and it will be sorely missed from the unrelentingly dull ceremony on Sunday.

Hit the jump to check out the response video and his interview on MSNBC.  The Dictator opens May 16th. [Update: Oscar producer Brian Grazer has confirmed via Heat Vision that Cohen will appear on the red carpet dressed as The Dictator after all, so prep your DVR's accordingly] [Update 2: Cohen's General Aladeen has posted a victory image with a golden gun and Oscars tickets in hand.]


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Update: Dave here. The new “Victory” photo of General Aladeen comes courtesy of his Twitter account.



  • orangey

    He wins!

  • Blob

    Matt, you do realize this whole thing is a joke, right? This is how they market movies these days… please don’t say you think this is real?

    • excpired

      Blob, what do you think is the joke? Sacha’s character is the joke, but the Academy banning him is not the joke. Also, they didn’t ACTUALLY ban him – they have barred him from coming to the Oscars until he ensures them he won’t show up as The Dictator character or do any stunts while he is there.

      The Oscars have always been this stingy about having little bits of fun at or before the ceremony. They take themselves really seriously, which is what it is I guess.

      But all of the antics Cohen is doing is obviously sarcasm. He’ll probably agree not to do anything and end up going as himself, I bet Isla Fisher wouldn’t be happy to go alone! lol.

  • Ryan

    “Zionists” is the perfect word for Oscar dick heads

  • Jesse

    I wonder if the whole banning thing isn’t a joke in itself. When he says there will be consequences, it makes me think that maybe the awards show is actually planning a faux-interruption by The Dictator. I dont know. Perhaps? Maybe?

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