DIE HARD 5 Goes to Russia and Seeks New Director

     July 30, 2011


There have been a lot of rumors surrounding the sadly inevitable Die Hard 5 over the past few years, from Bruce Willis claiming it would be a worldwide undershirt adventure to talk that it might inexplicably be called Die Hard 24/7. The most recent bit of news to sneak out of the endless Die Hard 5 rumor treadmill was that the new film would weirdly be directed by award-winning commercial helmer Noam Murro of Smart People fame. Franchise fans struggled to imagine what an indie quirk comedy version of Die Hard could possibly be, with guns removed in favor of manic-depressive deadpan comedy. Fortunately we won’t have to worry about that any longer as today it’s been reported that Murro has left the project. However, Willis and the studio are still determined to milk a little more cast out of the Die Hard brand name and plan to search for a new director for the latest franchise entry that will apparently send John McClane to Russia (we’re as confused as you are by that one). Hit the jump for more info on the endlessly delayed five-quel.

live-free-or-die-hard-movie-image-bruce-willis-02According to Twitch Film, Murro has departed Die Hard 5, which is probably a good thing seeing as how little he’s made before suggests an interest in throwback high-octane action. Murro has moved on to an equally baffling project and plans to direct the 300 sequel 300: Battle Of Artemisia instead (I guess he’s decided to specialize in unnecessary sequels). It hasn’t yet been revealed who will replace Murro in the director’s chair; however, there’s no way the project will completely disappear. There are simply too many dollar signs involved even after the disappointing, but successful Live Free Or Die Hard. The current rumor is that Max Payne director John Moore will step in, which suggests the film will promise the same level of mediocrity as the last chapter in the franchise.

What the movie will be about is anyone’s guess, with endless rumors and speculation popping up over the four years since the last outing. Current speculation is that the next film will mostly be spent in Russia with John McClane and his son getting into trouble with the locals. It’s a believable premise, but not a very promising one. Using Russia as a villain could either be an amusing throwback to Regan-era action flicks or a lazy sign of desperation, and pairing Bruce Willis up with a young actor didn’t work with Justin Long last time, so I find it hard to believe they’ll come up with the perfect young partner here (though Ashton Kutcher would at least be an amusingly terrible choice).

The simple truth is that we don’t really need another Die Hard movie. The original films are R-rated action classics from another era and if Live Free Or Die Hard proved anything it’s that the studios just don’t know how to make those kinds of movies anymore (Bruce wasn’t even allowed to say Yippie-Ki-Yay motherfucker for christsakes). But, sadly that movie made enough money to make a fifth Die Hard movie sound potentially profitable and all of the Cop Outs in the world won’t convince those money-hungry execs otherwise. All we can hope is that Die Hard 5 will be as painless as possible, or ideally it’ll languish in development hell for too long and never get made. Fingers crossed John McLane fans, fingers crossed.

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  • Rev. Slappy

    You know what really sucked about the Die Hard sequels? With the exception of his cameo near the start of Die Hard 2, Reginald Veljohnson was completely absent from them. Am I the only one who thinks his relationship with Willis over the radio is one of the things in the original that really makes it work?

  • Oliver

    Set it at Christmas. Do they have Christmas in Russia?

    • zootcatchy

      yes, but on january 7 as in other eastern orthodox countries

  • nelson

    umm have you not seen Murro’s Halo commercial that was full of awesome high octane action


    • Mike

      While I’m not really a fan of Halo, I’m definitely diggin’ that commercial. That’s probably what an epic like a Halo, Mass Effect, even Star Wars film ought to be.

  • Flyersfan20

    He said yippie-ki-yay motherfucker in the unrated version

  • darrin

    bring back john mctiernan, the best die hards were 1 and 3, you all gotta admit that

  • Ben

    I think we all know that the fact is Russia is becoming one of the biggest film markets in the world and the studio knows if it’s set there they could make bank in the country.

  • Jake

    The guy who wrote this is talking bullshit. Die Hard 4.0 was EASILY the best Die Hard since the original and it was just a great action flick. I’m sick of douches like you who act like the movie was shit just because it was rated PG-13, look past the level of swearing and actually WATCH THE MOVIE. And if you still can’t get over not hearing bruce willis say motherfucker for the 60th time then buy the R rated uncut edition on DVD.

    • Alex-mansy

      Hear hear, these latte sipping art majors, wouldn’t know a great die hard film if they got shot.

      Die Hard is much better than the second one and arguably better than the third.

      Also Russian cops are really badass, so badass they’ve joined the criminals. My guess is Mclane goes over and starts kicking dirty cop ass.

      Although please don’t give Mclane a son, that’s just lame. Why not get Winstead back and make her a rookie cop instead, how cool would that be?

      • Jake

        Yeah, i like Die Hard 3 alot but 2 is just a remake of Die Hard 1 but in an airport, very lazy filmmaking(but still a fun movie). Die Hard 4.0 wipes the floor with it. And i agree, Winstead is awesome in everything i have seen her in.

    • Mrs-N-Uzumaki

      THANK. YOU.

  • timelincole

    they should have it be with his daughter instead since she was established in the last movie. Also just so we can see Mary Elizabeth Winstead kick some ass again.

  • dude

    If McTiernan cant be brought back somebody get John Hyams on the motherf***ing phone right now!

  • Northern Star

    NO MORE ‘DIE HARD’ MOVIES- PLEASE!!! The first two were absolute classics, whilst the the third (and should’ve been final) was a great action movie that felt like one of those gritty urban thrillers from the 1970′s, but was badly let down by a rushed and mediocre ending- they should have kept a variation of the original ending, less vindictive and with McClane leaving the NYPD to go be with his family in L.A.- but that’s where it should have ended. The last one was a decent enough action movie, but it was simply too OTT and beyond any believability, I mean, escaping an exploding fighter jet unscathed, c’mon…

  • john kucza

    The main character missing from all bar the original, and maybe die harder, is a decent location that serves as it’s own character. Nakatomi Plaza was as much a main star of Die Hard as Bruce was and after that it was just Bruce somewhere else doing the same thing. Make us care about the location, and I’m not talking Washington DC. Who gives a shit about that place?

  • john kucza

    look at the new Mission Impossible trailer and watch how they frame the building in Dubai in aerial, bathed in a golden afternoon or early morning light. It’s has character, and is reminiscent of McLanes approach to Nakatomi via limo. You get the feeling the building is about to play a major part in affairs and won’t disappoint, and it doesn’t. The following films, apart from maybe the airport in 2, are just places where set pieces can be staged and shit blown up.
    Oh, and the John McLane I know swears, smokes, sweats, bleeds and punches people really really hard, and when he shoots people blood comes out in spades. That’s called realism (within context) and I’ll go see the Green Lantern if I want fantasy or clean family thrills.

  • nawtnt

    Great news that Noam Murrow has gone, his movie Smart People bombed.

    I think Fox should pick John Hyams, he is a great director, look at Universal Soldier: Regerenation, the action was good and the fight scenes were the best part of the movie.

    Just give Hyams a great script then he can make a gritty, brutally rated R movie just like the first Die Hard movie with more action, more gunfights, more explosions and more classic liners.

    Or maybe bring back John McTrienan who directed the first one and the third one as the director of Die Hard 5.

    About John McClane having a sidekick? Please make sure it isn’t Shia LeBeouf, just look at Indiana Jones 4.

  • carsett

    die hard has to return to its core base audience from dh1.

    1. mctiernan.

    2. Tokyo, japan. where Mcclane is planning a surprise proposal to a new love (kou shibasaki) while Gruber’s son Helmut (Tom Green) plans to hit Nakatomi bank.

    3. Sam Jackson returns as Zeus.

    4: title: A FIFTH OF DIE HARD

    5: musical score is based on beethovens 5th

    6. basically die hard with a vengeance in Tokyo, but this time with cliffhanger ending for part 6, in Germany

    • mark tornits

      you basically have it correct

      an addition to 5. just have someone copy Michael Kamen’s scores from the first 3- the score in 4/ sound design was a disaster-

      i like that you didn’t mention the rating- f words and violence help make die hard what it is, but it isn’t a must, a great script and john mcclain being himself is a must, make him a drunk loser on the verge of self destruction- he was just so blah in 4.

      McTiernan has to be back in some capacity- Bruce willis produced 4, why in the world should he be a producer?? when a non producer star takes over a franchise nothing good happens -eg terminator 3.

  • Tarek

    Die Hard 5 will be as good as “Indiana Jones 4″. Two movies by ol’ people for ol’ people. ^^

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  • Kuchar

    Listen Mr. Brown, I know there are going to be people that don’t really care for the Die Hard movies, but it is a hugely successful film franchise and more people like them then don’t. All four films were unique in their own way and by being unique they were fantastic. I realize that you don’t like the Die Hard films just by the way you were writing about them. Why would you even bother in writing this article if you don’t have anything positive to say about it? Honestly, I don’t know what theres not to like about these films. I say that Die Hard 5 is going to be one of the greatest films and hopefully (for us TRUE Die Hard fans) there will be a Die Hard 6. By the way, the Die Hard films are my favorite films of all time.

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  • isah turaki

    wow i think it gonna be a sciene of action