First Official Image from A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD Starring Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney

     October 3, 2012


In anticipation of the trailer drop later this week, the first official image from the fifth film in the Die Hard franchise, A Good Day to Die Hard, has been released.  The story takes place in Moscow and sees Bruce Willis’ John McClane teaming up with his estranged son (Jai Courtney) to take on some Russian baddies.  We don’t know much about the film’s plot just yet, but director John Moore previously revealed that the pic includes a car chase sequence that took them 78 days to shoot and cautioned that fans shouldn’t expect “corny jokes” this time around.

Hit the jump to check out the image of the father-son duo walking around with guns and to see what Courtney has to say about the pic’s story.  The trailer will be attached to Taken 2 this weekend, so expect it to be released online within the next couple of days.  The film also stars Sebastian Koch, Yulia Snigir, Cole Hauser, Amaury Nolasco, Megalyn Echikunwoke, and Anne Vyalitsyna.  A Good Day to Die Hard opens February 14, 2013.

Speaking with EW, Courtney talked briefly about the team-up of Jack and John McClane:

“That’s the thing about the Die Hard franchise, John’s always a fish out of water. What could be further out of water for him than Russia?… The relationship isn’t always functional. These are two guys who have been estranged for some time. John likes to wing it, see what happens. Jack’s more of a strategist.”

Check out the gun-toting image below, and look for the trailer on Collider later this week.


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  • Dobby

    Is it me, or does Jai Courtney look like Andrey the Giant?

    • mattedscreen

      He’s saying in that scene “Anybody wanna peanut?”

  • mattedscreen

    If this movie is rated R and doesn’t feature Bruce wandering around with a radio over his mouth and pourly dubbed cornball dialog, and a villain that actually DOES something, it’ll be a marked improvement over the last movie. They already have a check in the “plus” column for not having Justin Long or Kevin Smith reprise their roles, they just better not drop the ball.

    • Mrs-N-Uzumaki

      I’ll have to respectfully disagree. Justin Long was fantastic.

  • Sugreev2001

    I am a huge fan of the franchise.Along with Lethal Weapon,this has been my favorite Action film series.With this installment though,I’m a little worried.Not only are they taking McClane out of his comfort zone,but the director has a terrible rep.

  • DJJ

    Wait a minute, no corny jokes? That’s been a staple since the first film! Die Hard has always been FUN without taking itself too seriously. The formula has been changed a little over the years in terms of terrorist attack, but the tongue in cheek approach has been there since the beginning. This better be good, but if I don’t get my McClane spouting out “Now I know what a TV dinner feels like”, or “Now I have a machine gun. Ho Ho Ho.”, then this isn’t a Die Hard film.

    I demand pickup shots with a sense of humor, or I won’t be buying the Blu Ray!

  • anng,

    Typical John Moore style of lights and colours. Terrible – like Russell Mulcahy’s Silent Trigger.

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  • gcm443

    Tactical vests always look badass.

  • terry

    I would live to see another Lethal Weapon movie but Mel would just end up calling Danny the N-word and telling the Jewish producers to stick it up their bagel and lox.
    Oh well I guess that dream ain’t materializing

  • Bagel&Lox

    Who is this Jai Courtney guy and how did he get this huge role? He reminds me of Sam Worthington coming out of nowhere and landing huge action movie roles without even proving himself. Hell, he kinda looks like a crude Sam Worthington, too.

    • Drake

      Go watch Sparticus TV series season one then you can make you r half arsed comments. Your on the internet stop being lazy and do some research.

  • Tyler Foster

    The emphasis in Moore’s comment is on “corny,” not “jokes.” The full quote, from the Collider interview linked that nobody apparently clicked on: “There are a couple of great gags and a couple of great McClanisms. It’s not like he’s this idiot, bumbling around Moscow making ‘America won the Cold War’ jokes. It’s not Carry On Die Hard, I can assure you…” This was in reference to someone saying, “How can the same shit happen to the same guy five times?”

  • Strong Enough

    should of gotten Aaron Paul.

  • Hesher

    Should’ve gotten Joseph Gordon-Levitt LOL.
    No Mary Elizabeth Winstead?

  • Hesher

    Should\’ve gotten Joseph Gordon-Levitt LOL.
    No Mary Elizabeth Winstead?

  • Nate H

    It should have been called “Never Too Old to Die Hard.”

    Still going to see it, though.

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