John Moore to Direct DIE HARD 5

     August 31, 2011


The search for a director for Die Hard 5 may finally be over. After Noam Murro left the project to helm 300: Battle of Artemisia, a number of names were thrown around as possible replacements, including Fast Five’s Justin Lin and Attack the Block helmer Joe Cornish. Ultimately, it looks like Fox settled on John Moore, a director whose credits include such underwhelming fare as Max Payne and Flight of the Phoenix. Fox was apparently keen on Moore from the get-go, but Bruce Willis took some convincing. Willis was won over by Moore’s “love for the John McClane character” and grasp of how to shoot stunts practically with minimal CGI. Hit the jump for more, including my thoughts on this decision.

live-free-or-die-hard-movie-image-bruce-willis-02Scripted by Scott Woods, the fifth installment in the franchise will move the action to Russia with a budget close to the 100 million that Live Free or Die Hard cost. Deadline’s report says that the plan is to shoot the new Die Hard before Willis moves on to Red 2, which is currently in the middle of its own director search. Deadline says that a number of helmers are being considered for the Red sequel, with Breck Eisner (The Crazies) among the candidates for the job. Last we heard, Summit had a script in place and was deciding how many new additions to make to the film, and which characters from the first flick to bring back.

Moore isn’t necessarily the most exciting of choices, and it’s hard for me to not immediately write the film off as forgettable. Every single one of the other directors on Fox’s shortlist (Joe Cornish, Justin Lin, Nicholas Winding Refn) would have been an improvement, as Moore has yet to make an interesting film. However, miracles can happen, and I would like nothing more than to be pleasantly surprised.

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  • grimcicle

    Die Hard 4 only cost a hundred bucks? That’s gotta be a fuckin’ record!

  • shane

    i didn’t hate the omen but this guys a really bad director so theres no hope for this film now.

  • Teejay

    I have a hard time getting into another Die Hard unless its like the first or the third. Which in my opinion are the best in the series. I really cant stress enough how much I hated the fourth Die Hard. John Mclane just does not belong in an over produced CGI action scene world. I think if you put someone like Martin Campbell or Paul Greengrass or a director of that grounded reality (when they want to) in the directors chair we would have a solid finale for Die Hard. I also think that he should Die in the next one. Then Hollywood can go and do what they do and reboot it in five years with the likes of Channing Tatum and his brilliant acting ability (joking ofcourse).

    • Jazzyjace

      @ Teejay: For me, Len Wiseman really understood the nostalgia behind John McClane, too!) DH4 holds a special place for me, as it exceeded my expectations. You make good points but DH4 didn’t use that much CGI either (particularly stunts of crashing a police car into a chopper!) Greengrass would just douche it up by giving us another epileptic fit with his “documentary” style to filming; Campbell, yes.

  • SenorGlass

    Well on the bright side, Moore doesn’t seem intent on using too much CGI if his statement is to be believed. He still has to prove he can deliver though; most of his movies were just plain bad.

    I just hope this one will be a lot better than DIE HARD 4; PLEASE bring back the R-rated DIE HARD I grew up with and don’t bring in any stupid sidekicks just because Bruce Willis is old. He may be old but the man’s still badass enough to be on his own in the next DIE HARD.

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  • cowswithguns

    I actually like Moore’s style but its been wasted on crap movies. Behind Enemy Lines is the only slightly entertaining one of his.

    He’s like the Jason Statham of directors.

  • dude

    Here I was thinking Fox had learned their lessons on fucking up all their franchises. Clearly not.

  • Elitist Prick

    This guy has a career of films ranging from complete failures to, at best, middling success. Why give him still more money, only to fail again? A wax statue of a real director could have helmed a better version of Max Payne.

  • Mulvi

    As much as I’d love to see Joe Cornish direct a Die Hard flick, its number 5 in the series, which is probably 2 too many. And it’d be best if Joe were to continue to work on unique and original ideas.

  • Alex-mansy

    OK I’ll give Max Payne a pass seeing as it’s based on a video game.
    Flight of the Phoenix and Behind Enemy Lines were pretty entertaining flicks.

    So I don’t see this as a that bad of a choice. Competent. Maybe he’ll surprise us just like Len wiseman.

    Nothing to get too excited over, hopefully the script is solid.

  • Allegra Ellison

    I hope that the main villain’s name will be Greg Pope which was originally going to be the name of the main villain in Live Free or Die Hard (2007) before they changed it to Thomas Gabriel.
    It would be good if they include Holly Gennaro and John “Jack” McClane, Jr. and hopefully conclude the series.
    In addition, I want to see Bruce Willis do another movie with Tom Hanks after only having one scene together in Bonfire of the Vanities (1990). They are both incredible actors and it would be amazing to see them bounce off each other in a film again.

  • Yahzee Skellington

    Now I’m seriously concerned… I don’t think this guy has the ability to bring the Die Hard film the series deserved (Len Wiseman did), and he seems more like a studio’s tool…

    Not all is bad anyway, I did liked The Omen (trash me all you want) and also Marco Beltrami is the regular composer for his films, so at least the music will be solid and in tune with Live Free or Die Hard

  • occhile1984

    They really need to get Joel Silver back or Lawrence Gordon as producers. Sorry to say, but the last one just didn’t feel like a Die Hard. The action scenes were good and they had the right idea, but John Mclane didn’t even feel like John McLane. Bring back McTerian. I know he could bring Die Hard more back to where it should be. Hans Gruber’s son or something. That would be an interesting spin. “LADIES AND GENTLEMAN…”

  • Nawtnt

    John Moore is a good choice to direct Die Hard 5 but my first choice would be John Hyams.

    He is a great director and I was surprised how Universal Soldier: Regeneration turned out to be, I mean the stunts were real and done well, the action was good and especially the fight scenes were just awesome and cool.

    Hyams has the skills to make a great Die Hard movie just like the first one.

    Maybe Van Damme or Dolph Lundgren can be the main villain, these actors haven’t shared a scene with Bruce Willis and it is would make history if they did a scene with him.

    I really hope Die Hard 5 will be the best movie in the series.

  • Tarek

    Bruce must stop doing action movies. He is getting old.

  • Decado

    As long as the film is PG-13 and aimed at teens like DH4 was, it will suck no matter who directs it.

  • rajesh

    I think a cool idea for the DIE HARD series is to combine it with the
    LETHAL WEAPON series. Mclane and Riggs take on a Chinese Triad
    gang who moves into a plush neighbour hood where Mclane is attending his daughters wedding at his ex wifes house. Riggs who now retired from the force moves into the very same neighbourhood with his wife and son being neighbours with Holly Mclane. The Triads are into child traffiking and are using this peaceful neighbourhood for their heinous deeds.

    Mclanes future son in law mistakenly picked up a package containing evidence of child traffiking deals with an American
    politician with the Triads sets the stage for an action packed thriller.

    I titled the movie “TO DIE HARD WITH A LETHAL WEAPON”

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