DIE HARD 5 to Shoot in Puerto Rico in 2011? [UPDATED]

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File this one in the rumor pile for now, but Die Hard 5 may be going in front of cameras next year.  According to Puerto Rico’s second-largest newspaper, Primera Hora [via Latino Review], the next chapter in John McClane’s endless saga of getting the shit kicked out of him will start shooting in Puerto Rico in 2011.  The report also says that Die Hard 5 (which is just a working title) will also shoot in Los Angeles, New York, and Vancouver.

Die Hard 5 shooting next year wouldn’t be out of the blue.  Back in May, we reported that Fox had brought on screenwriter Skip Woods (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) to write the script and in July, Bruce Willis said a greenlight on the film was imminent.  Hit the jump for a recap on Willis’ other projects. [Update: We've spoken to 20th Century Fox and they have informed us that this rumor is false.]

Bruce Willis keeps busy and it will be interesting to see where he fits a blockbuster action flick like Die Hard 5 into his schedule.  Along with Die Hard 5, he’s got the action flicks Kane & Lynch and Set Up.  He’s also got the drama Ten, the indie thriller Violet & Daisy, Rian Johnson’s sci-fi flick Looper, and Wes Anderson’s next movie, Moon Rise Kingdom.  And yet despite this busy schedule, I won’t be surprised if it’s confirmed that John McClane is set to ride again in 2011.


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  • Jbeezy


  • cheaterkiddo

    they better make die hard 5. i have all sequals of die hard…. DIE HARD FAN 4 LIFE and BRUCE WILLIS FAN 4 LIFE! =]

  • kure

    why would they make up shit like this.sure it is true,fox just wasnt ready to tell us.and the man himself told us that they will shoot it in 2011

  • Three Gun Fish

    awesome indeed!

  • Three Gun Fish

    awesome indeed!

  • http://twitter.com/aeghast [A]

    Wonder if he’ll make a sixth one..

    • Anthony

      if they keep making pretty good storylines in the films then they could make 5 more die hards and i will will glad to keep seeing them. :)

      • http://twitter.com/aeghast [A]

        Of course! (as long as they don’t include Justin Long and Effin’ Kevin Smith)

      • Alex

        The movie IS called ‘Die Hard’ so they could go on forever till Willis dies. Sure we won’t see him be in such an active role as an action star the films could theoretically continue with him in a team.

        I mean he was only ever truly alone in his youth. In Die Hard 1 and 2. He got some help in Die Hard three and some tech assistance in Die Hard 4, so it stands to reason his supporting characters will be taking up the slack as Willis ages and becomes older.

    • Anthony

      if they keep making pretty good storylines in the films then they could make 5 more die hards and i will will glad to keep seeing them. :)

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  • Arnold

    I really hope Skip Woods will create the good story for this one because this is one of my favorite film franchise….

  • Roberto11

    Cool the film is in Puerto Rico :) my island

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