Sebastian Koch and Yulia Snigir Join A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD

     April 4, 2012


Sebastian Koch (The Lives of Others) and Russian actress Yulia Snigir have joined Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney (Spartacus: Blood and Sand) in A Good Day to Die Hard.  The latest installment in the Die Hard franchise will reportedly take place in Moscow with John McClane and his estranged son Jack (Courtney) trying “to keep each other alive and the world safe for democracy.”  Remember when McClane was a police officer trying to stop criminals?  Yes, they were super-criminals, but his mission didn’t involve saving the world.  According to Variety, “Koch will play Komorov, while Snigir will play Irina. Both roles are believed to be villainous in nature.”  Seriously, does anyone consider Russia a threat anymore?  Are McClane n’ Son trying to stop the Red Menace?

John Moore (Max Payne) will direct from a script by Skip Woods (Hitman).  A Good Day to Die Hard is slated to open on February 14, 2013.

  • mattedscreen

    yeah… Die Hard with a Vengeance was the lid to a perfectly fun trilogy of action movies “Live Free” was garbage and “A Good Day to” isnt shaping up much better.

    • Ernest

      One of the nice things about the first three Die Hard films was that the plot and the villais’s motives were never that complex, despite them being terrorists. In 1 and 3, it was simply a heist. 2? An attempt to free a South American dictator from custody. The unifying motive in all 3 is ultimately seeking money!

      Saving/destroying the world? Who cares?

  • Northern Star

    “John Moore will direct from a script by Skip Woods” – a recipe for utter mediocrity if I ever heard it, and to think FOX put back the Antoine Fuqua-directed ’24′ movie for a year to make room for this nonsense!

    And I agree with the above sentiments, the whole ‘Die Hard’ franchise should have ended with ‘…Vengeance’ in 1995, albeit with a slightly revised version of the original ending (so McClane doesn’t come off as so vindictive, but rather attempting to arrest Simon).

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  • mattinacan

    wow, everything about this sounds bad. why not just keep it simple, trap him on a boat, trap him on a plane, trap him in another skyscraper for god’s sakes, who cares, but bring the scale back down, make him a real every man again running with bloody bare feet and broken glass between his toes. do they completely forget why everyone loved this franchise to begin with?