First Trailer for A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD

     October 4, 2012


The first trailer for the sequel A Good Day to Die Hard has been released.  The story takes place in Moscow and sees Bruce Willis’ John McClane teaming up with his estranged son (Jai Courtney) to take on some Russian baddies.  The new trailer doesn’t elaborate on the story, but it does show off plenty of action, which is probably a good idea considering this is a Die Hard movie.  I still can’t bring myself to get on board with a PG-13 Die Hard film, and I don’t know what director John Moore will bring to the project, but this is a fun trailer, and I especially like the remixing of “Ode to Joy”.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  Directed by John Moore the film stars Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney, Sebastian Koch, Yulia Snigir, Cole Hauser, Amaury Nolasco, Megalyn Echikunwoke, Anne Vyalitsyna, and Mary Elizabeth WinsteadA Good Day to Die Hard opens on February 14th, 2013.

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  • murphyslaw

    The last Die Hard movie was PG-13 also and that was only a fraction of what killed that film. This franchise has gone on a little too long…and I’ll probably be seeing this opening day

  • Lance

    You know, that trailer actually FELT like a Die Hard movie! Maybe this will be good…

  • Roland Deschain

    Haha that trailer was better than I expected.

  • Sean

    When people have issues with Die Hard 4, it’s not because it was PG-13 (though they may say it was). It’s because the tone was too cartoonish. The DVD had the R-rated cut, and it’s not as if that won back the detractors.

    All that said, I enjoyed Die Hard 4, and this didn’t do anything to make me think I won’t enjoy part 5

  • Hunter

    Now that looks like a Die Hard movie… still need to see more but i like what i see so far

  • Nate H

    Guaranteed that I will see this movie. Love Bruce Willis; love Die Hard. Perfect combo.

    (PS – some people rag on Live Free or Die Hard because it had too much humor in it, but I thought it worked well. What’s to complain about? McClane still survived a beating that would kill any normal man, he killed lots of people, and he saved the country in the end. Perfection.)

    (PPS – I still think this one should be called “Never Too Old to Die Hard”)

  • J-rad

    Sooooooooooo much Bruce, so many explosions, so many guns ! I am more than excited for this !

  • Budd case

    Die hard 4 was the best.

  • gcm443


  • Shmojo

    I say the next Die Hard movie should have John McClane get a mechanical heart or a machine gun for an arm. He is so far removed from the everyman that made us love him in the first place, they mind as well take the next step and make him the Terminator.

  • DJJ

    Wait a minute, this looks awesome!!

  • Blackula

    That looks so rad! I’m giggling

  • Some guy

    That looks like Goldeneye if it was less Bondie and more Die Hardie!

  • tinypony

    “The 007 of Plainfield, New Jersey.” Classic!

  • TheHOYT

    There was one part I really liked … I wish the T-mobile chick would do that too.

  • LP

    Finally!!! A director who knows how to shoot action.

  • nelson

    I rather watch Jack Bauer kick ass in the new 24 movie. So FOX, get off your fat ass and make the damm movie already before it’s too late.

    • Northern Star

      The ’24′ movie would have been shot this past summer and released this February had it not been for FOX pushing it back to next year to make room for this, but the script is finished and all involved say production will commence next April or May when Kiefer Sutherland wraps work on ‘Touch’… so expect Jack Bauer to hit the big-screen in February 2014.

  • shutupyoudamnnerds

    mmmmm Yulia.


    I’m sold! I like the music over this combined with big bangs. Nice!
    I liked Die Hard-4. (I just wish the villain was better, Olyphant sucked HARD, But the film as a whole was great.)

    Hope the villains a bad ass in this, or at least bad-camp like in Die Hards 1, 2 & 3.

  • leonel

    Actually it looks pretty good…it wouldn’t hurt to go see it.

  • Alex-mansy

    I think the ode to joy music is from the first die hard when the crims open the vault.

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  • LEM

    I’m sure it’ll be a decent movie but come on this isn’t Die Hard. The first movie was so good because it was based in reality but now he’s a 60 year old guy doing insane super human stunts.

  • whatever

    This will probably blow like live free or suck hard.
    They even had to silence the yippe kay yay motherfucker with the gun noise because of the pg 13 rating.
    Painful to watch.

  • tarek

    looks like a bad boys sequel. Michael bay could sue them for this.

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