Rumor: Ben Trebilcook Writing DIE HARD 6; Tentatively Titled “DIE HARDEST” and Will Head to Tokyo

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A Good Day to Die Hard should have been a franchise-killer.  It was almost completely devoid of merit, no longer understood the character, and the domestic box office wasn’t particularly overwhelming.  But like its title, you can’t easily nix the franchise, and work is underway on Die Hard 6.  Tentatively titled “Die Hardest“, Ben Trebilcook is reportedly writing a treatment, which means the project is still at a very early stage.  Trebilcook is currently at work on the videogame-themed action flick Knockout, which brought him into the orbit of A Good Day to Die Hard consulting producer, Larry D. Webster.  However, it’s worth noting that only Fox can authorize a new script, so either Webster is pursuing it on behalf of the studio, or there has been a misunderstanding between the parties involved.

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According to Total Film, “Details are scarce at the moment, but we know that the story begins in New York, before moving to Tokyo, which will be the predominant location.”  I guess because people couldn’t get enough of John McClane’s horribly manufactured catchphrase, “I’m on vacation!”  There’s also no word if McClane will team up with a distant cousin or some other unnecessary partner.

However, fans shouldn’t groan their lungs out just yet.  The project is a long way from getting the support from Bruce Willis and producer Alex Young.  “[There's] the possibility producers might go back and find some other source material to base the next one on, like they did with the first and second,” says Trebilcook. “Mine though, I feel it could be the Rocky Balboa of the Die Hard franchise.”  This seems to be Trebilcook’s way of saying that Die Hard 6 will go back to the roots of the character, but as A Good Day to Die Hard showed, Willis and Co. clearly have no idea what those roots are.  In any event, this should be considered rumor for the time being.


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  • Jaimito Azteca

    The John McClane character should embrace his age already, and be a lot more like Bruce Willis’ 16 Blocks and The Last Boy Scout characters, drunks and washed up. Should be more drama, not just full of action and would be nice to see characters from the previous films, as well, including his ex-wife.

  • Dominik Klein

    Oh sweet mother of god they are not even trying anymore. Quality zero, to be directed by McG or Peter Berg calling it now.

    I guess Bruce needs the money really bad. its nic cage all over again, a decent actor who became the personalisation of crappyness due to accepting every role cuz he needs dollarz.

  • Michael

    This series just needs to die already.

  • blaaa blaaa blaaaaa


  • Agent777

    Dear whoever makes these films,
    Make one where Bruce teams up with Reginald Vel Johnson again,
    Otherwise I’m out.

  • MrNateathon

    Have Samuel L Jackson return as Zeus. Now that could be fun.

  • Doug

    I thought about laughing at how ridiculous it all is, but instead I just got angry…..I feel like the Native American crying over the polluted city, what used to be so great has fallen to shit.

  • GunsOfNavarone

    Dire Hard.

  • tarek

    Die in Silence.

  • HeyZeusKreesto

    Like others have said, just let this die. It’s not like it even did that great at the box office last time around. From what I heard, Bruce Willis didn’t even seem to have fun making the last one. These movies are just ATMs for him now.

  • Strong Enough

    Die A Terrible Hard Boring Stale Death…Hard

  • Duderino

    I was going to add to the overall well deserved bashing, and than i got surprised at how not ONE positive comment for Live free is to be found on this board…

    anyway what a piece of shit that was.

  • Dawson

    Well, please, for the love of God get a decent fucking director to do it. I don’t know if John McTiernan is still in the game, but why not ask him back? Otherwise, they need to really find a quality film maker.

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  • Nate G

    This franchise shoudnt die, not like this….

  • Snacks

    I liked Die Hard 1, 3, 4, and even 2.
    I did not see #5 due to McClane teaming up with his son.
    The Mummy did that in #3. Was weakest of movies.
    Leathal Weapon had a son on the way in #4. If a #5 happens, no doubt they will follow the main character has to team up with a son root.
    Will Jason Bourned come back one day and team up with a son he didn’t know he had? Will James Bond?
    How bad was Indiana Jones #4, with a father/son team up. I rest my case.
    Not very interesting…
    So if McClane does team up, just bring in an outside, unrelated character. And bringing back some of the suspense like in #1 could work.

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