DIE HARD Franchise Returning to Theaters February 13 with 5-Film Marathon

     January 15, 2013


Fans looking forward to the release of the upcoming fifth film in the Die Hard franchise, A Good Day to Die Hard, now have the opportunity to experience the absolute maximum amount of Die Hard before watching the new film.  20th Century Fox announced today that a five-film Die Hard marathon will be playing in theaters on February 13th.  Fans will watch Die Hard, Die Hard 2: Die Harder, Die Hard with a Vengeance, and Live Free or Die Hard back-to-back, leading up to a screening of director John Moore’s A Good Day to Die Hard a few hours before it opens wide.  That’s a lot of Die Hard.

Hit the jump to check out a poster for the event.  Further details will be announced soon.  A Good Day to Die Hard hits theaters on February 14th.


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  • Dutch Engstrom

    I’m glad they’re playing “Live Free or Die Hard,” that way everybody can leave the theater, get some lunch, stretch their legs and be back in time for the new film.

    • Nell

      Dude, your comment had me ROLLING! Lol, I love it.

      • mattdibz

        lol i thought the exact same thing.

    • KeepinItReal

      Agreed…actually, I would leave after I hear the tune “Hot Time Summer In the City” at the start of Die Hard 3…best thing about the film. During this time, I would download Good Day to Die Hard..let’s face it…why waste precious time…those other Die Hard movies are shite..and get a refund on my ticket telling the box office that I’ve had to go home because my enthusiasm has died.

      I will then get home, and put on all four Lethal Weapon movies – back to back (but, graciously, thankfully, downloaded of the Internet)..and then sink into a grave depression..