First Trailer for Barry Sonnenfeld’s Motion Comic DINOSAURS VS. ALIENS

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Dinosaurs vs. Aliens is really a project that needs no introduction.  It centers on dinosaurs battling an alien invasion, you know, during dinosaur times.  Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld and comics writer Grant Morrison have teamed up to create the motion comic program, and now a trailer has landed online.  It provides only brief glimpses at the illustrations, but if anyone wants to see dinosaurs taking on alien invaders, here’s your chance.  Sonnenfeld hopes to turn the idea into a feature film, and he previously told Steve that it’d be a photorealistic CG movie in 3D.  Time will tell if the financing comes together to get Dinosaurs vs. Aliens on the big screen, but for now we’ll see the story play out in the motion comic format.  A graphic novel adaptation of Dinosaurs vs. Aliens is also on the way via Liquid.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  Dinosaurs vs. Aliens debuts on Yahoo! on July 23rd.

Click over to Yahoo! to watch in HD.

Here’s the synopsis for Dinosaurs vs. Aliens:

Created by Barry Sonnenfeld and written by comic book superstar Grant Morrison, “Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens” is a motion comic version of Liquid’s upcoming graphic novel based on a secret world war battle that was never recorded in our history books. When an alien invasion attacks Earth in the age of the dinosaurs, our planet’s only saviors are the savage prehistoric beasts which are much more intelligent than humanity has ever imagined.

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  • M&M


    OK, my idea is called “Pirates vs Aliens”… No, no – “Knights of the Round Table vs Aliens”. Wait a sec… “Aliens vs Aliens”!!!

    This is stupid.

    • GunsOfNavarone

      I’ve got a few ideas of my own to add:

      “Forestation vs Aliens”. The trees and plants of the world must band together to fight against a threat from foreign soil.

      “Arabs vs Aliens”. During the crusades the arabs of the holy land unwittingly disturb a dormant ufo buried deep within the sands of Jerusalem and activate a beacon to a distant world, initiating a deadly invasion from a technologically advanced race of aliens. Man and camel must make the last stand for all of humanity.

      “Stephen Hawking vs Aliens”. After a transmission to a distant solar system goes wrong, Earth is attacked by vicious alien marauders, intent on harvesting the planets resources. When the army fails to contain the alien threat, only one man can stop them: part man, part machine, all physicist.

  • Louis

    YES! YESSSSSS! It’s so stupid but it looks SOOO COOL!

  • Griz

    Oooh, oooh, do Cowboys Vs Aliens, next!

  • Trent_N

    Ecks vs. Sever vs. Aliens

    • LEM


  • dogg

    What would happen? The dinosaurs would instantly lose. There, no need for a movie. Next.

  • Lance

    Here’s what I want to know. How does this become anything more than a repetitive sequence of shots of alien spacecraft and aliens, then shots of dinosaurs where we zoom in to see the blazing intensity in their eyes (we have to do that because the dinos don’t have much emotional range in their facial expressions), then dinosaurs chomping on aliens and alien spacecraft. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

    Actually, Michael Bay, where are you? This is right up your alley.

  • japetto

    People Grant Morrison is writing this. It’ll be dope.

  • a.j.

    ninja zombies vs vampire pirates…


    Kramer vs Kramer vs Aliens!!!

    plot, mr Kramer and Mrs Kramer going through their messy divorce and fight for custody of their kid, when suddenly a ufo (the one from Battleship) abducts their son. Kramer and Kramer must band together to rescue their son in a Buddy movie kinda way. They win, queue sickly sweet ending with Aerosmith power ballad. (final shot: a portal rips open, Kramer junior is sucked through it, ends up in the past… open for 3 sequels.

  • CJ

    Looks like they wont have feathers.

  • Bigsister1

    I think this is going to be a cool movie because like in “avatar” maybe dinosaurs can win! And in the comic it said that dinosaurs ARE smarter than we think they were! FUCK THE ALIENS, GO DINO’S!

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