Director Roland Emmerich Exclusive Video Interview 2012. Plus He Talks About His Upcoming Shakespeare Movie

     November 12, 2009


Opening tomorrow is director Roland Emmerich’s 2012.  As you probably know, 2012 is about a global cataclysm that causes massive destruction to our planet.  If you’re keeping count, this is Emmerich’s third time blowing up the world (Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow) and I think he’s learned from his previous efforts to deliver his biggest spectacle yet.  Trust me, this movie is loaded with some of the craziest special effects you’ll see this year and if you want to have some fun, go to a movie theater this weekend.

Anyway, to help promote the film, I recently covered the international press day for our partners at Omelete.  So after the jump you can watch our exclusive interview with Roland Emmerich where he discusses going to Brazil to film part of the movie, the alternate ending that will be on the DVD/Blu-ray, and he talks about his next project which will be a film about William Shakespeare.  He says he starts to shoot this March and the budget is around $30 million.  He also told me he’s using the same special effects people from 2012.  It’s a great interview so take a look:

Roland Emmerich

  • Has he been to Brazil before? Tells me he went there to shoot part of 2012
  • Was the film exactly what he pitched to the studio
  • What was the most challenging special effect
  • I ask a question given to me by one of my twitter followers…when are you going to be “a man” and blow up the universe
  • DVD/Blu-ray talk – what will be on it. Says an alternate ending will be on the DVD but not many deleted scenes
  • Shakespeare project – his next film that he starts to shoot in March. Says the budget is under 30 million and he’ll be shooting in Germany. Also says he’ll be using the same technology as 2012 on the movie. Same visual effects people.
  • Says the plan is for the Foundation trilogy to be his next project after Shakespeare
  • Reveals what the alternate ending is on the DVD

2012 movie poster.jpg

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