Director Timur Bekmambetov Preparing for WANTED 2

     June 13, 2009

headline-1.jpgBecause “Wanted” was more successful (along with being more fun and batshit insane) than anyone expected, director Timur Bekmambetov is apparently now starting pre-production on the inevitible sequel which we are currently calling “Wanted 2” but that’s not official (I’m currently hoping for “Still Wanted: Electric Boogaloo”).

According to [via Russia-IC], they’re going to find a way to bring Angelina Jolie back for the sequel and all questions of “Didn’t she die in the first movie?” should be answered with, “Yes, because the first movie was so grounded in reality, they couldn’t possibly bring her back.”  They’re also trying to find a way to resurrect “The Exterminator” (the dude who loved rats), played by Kostya Khabenskiy.

Shooting is planned in America, Russia, and India and, being a good sequel, will probably eclipse the $150 million budget of the first film, which was the largest Hollywood production ever helmed by a Russian using a Russian crew.  Man, that Cold War sure was silly, wasn’t it?

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