Disgraced Journalist Roger Friedman Finds Work at The Hollywood Reporter

     May 18, 2009

roger_friedman_01.jpgThe Hollywood Reporter may need money and it may need scoops and it may need access, but you know what it doesn’t need?  Credibility.  And that’s good because they don’t have any nor would any organization that thought hiring Roger “I Downloaded and Reviewed the Wolverine Workprint” Friedman*.  You know, when you act badly act one place and everyone learns about it, I don’t believe its common practice to hire you to do the same job at another place.  If there’s a news story about you dipping your balls in the Frosty mix at Wendy’s, you don’t get to work at Steak n’ Shake.

But apparently THR wants Friedman’s balls and his 411 column because celebrity gossip sells although I can’t imagine anyone giving Friedman a scoop directly because that would involve looking at him and I would sooner gaze into the Ark of the Covenant (it looks like he did and he kind of survived).

The choice quote in all of this comes from THR publisher Eric Mika: ” To have such an experienced and respected journalist as part of our entertainment team will be a major asset for Nielsen Business Media

*That’s what it says on his business cards.

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