Feature Length Film Starring Mickey, Donald and Goofy Being Developed at Disney

     March 24, 2011


It looks like Mickey Mouse may finally be gracing the silver screen again, this time in his very own feature-length film. Bunny Mattinson, who has been with Disney since the 1960’s working as a writer/animator/story supervisor/producer/director on numerous titles including The Jungle Book, Robin Hood and Beauty and the Beast recently worked as a story artist on Disney’s upcoming hand-drawn animation film Winnie the Pooh. Mattinson revealed that he’s currently developing a film featuring the old Disney gang:

“I am working on just an idea of my own which is basically a Mickey, Donald, Goofy feature film idea. We have to present it first to the bosses to get the green light.”

Exciting, no? Hit the jump for more on this fantastic project and where development goes from here.

mickey-mouse-body-wholeNow, this new film is far from a sure thing, but Mattinson sounds optimistic in the interview with Bleeding Cool. Disney’s development process is a bit different than other studios, so it could be a while before this project comes to fruition, if it even makes it that far. The new Mickey adventure will first be worked up into a preliminary pitch, complete with artwork. If Mattinson and Co. get the go-ahead following that meeting, a period of “active development” begins, wherein the team storyboards, designs and tweaks the story. At the end of this phase, Disney must give a second greenlight for production to officially begin.

Personally, I would be thrilled to see Mickey and the gang back in action, especially if they go the classic hand-drawn animation route like this new Winnie the Pooh film. All the stills and footage released from the new Pooh just looks stunning. Here’s hoping Mattinson comes up with a great story idea and Mickey, Donald and Goofy head to theaters once more.

  • IllusionOfLife

    Hmm, Disney has reacquired the rights to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit but they have said they’re waiting for the appropriate time to reintroduce him as a major character… could he perhaps have a role in this film?

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  • Steamboat Willie

    Awesome news!

  • DisneyFan

    I hope this project sees the light of day. It would be good to see a timeless character like Mickey Mouse getting his own movie. We need more Mickey these days since Disney Channel is being infested with teenybopper crap (and no, “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” does not count). Not to mention other classic franchises being are ruined by live action/CGI hybrid disasters (“Alvin and the Chipmunks” anyone?). Disney seems to be the only studio that wants to reintroduce familiar characters to new audiences the right way, seeing that the new Winnie the Pooh movie is 2D animated.

  • God

    First of all I like Bunny Mattinson he has worked on Disney a couple of years ago now, but Tinker Bell someone made is a good example if there where going to do The Sorcerer’s Apprentice why not make it animated and about Mickey instead of that terrible Nicholas Cage flick if the script is good and well written unlike those disgusting Disney cartoon movies that use pop culture nonsense that killed for me. Mickey, Donald and Goofy are Disney’s answer to The Three Stooges so I just thinking whether I heard Colin Farrell was considered for the voice of Mickey Mouse he might do a good job is learn his not doing over the top or mock fun of him so give it a try.

  • Jesus

    I saw Winnie The Pooh when it came out but you had to say it’s not terribly good, I just don’t think Bunny should do a original idea to make a feature length film with Mickey, Donald and Goofy I mean come on now that’s a bad idea for you to think of, it’s best for him to try something else instead of making a Mickey, Donald and Goofy animated feature film which is a disgusting painfully and wrong idea at all, Disney Studios has just began to decline it’s never the same again. I love Bunny he should retire because he’s getting very older now nobody doesn’t want new Disneys now okay so closed down for good.

  • Moses

    A feature length film going to been developed starring the unfunny cartoon characters Mickey, Donald and Goofy is really that stupid now it’s always this and it’s always that, here’s a smart and better idea why not do a feature length film on Oswald the Lucky Rabbit instead and Rob Paulsen (Yakko) would supply the voice of the character if it had a better script that’s the real idea of giving Disney’s first real cartoon star a great comeback game rather than having those three knuckleheads Mick, Don and Goof stealing the spotlight from poor Oswald, come on people lighten up already.

  • Mary

    Maybe Disney Studios have been thinking around some possibily thinking of casting actor Colin Farrell to play the human Mickey Mouse before becoming a cartoon character I heard one time whether he was been considered for the role of the character instead of Bret Iwan then why not, if he doesn’t screw up or something.

  • Leo

    Adam Chitwood, Salma Hayek has been cast as the voice of Minnie Mouse.