May 25, 2009

flight_of_the_navigator_dvd_art.jpg“Flight of the Navigator” is one of those films I remember loving as a kid but I can barely remember it today.  Before I checked Wikipedia, all I remembered was a kid getting into a spaceship and then returns to Earth only its been seven years, everyone thought he died, and now he needs to find a way to return to his own time.  He has fun conversations with the spaceship.

Wikipedia tells me that I’m somewhat right.  The kid falls down, is knocked unconscious, and due to “time dilation”, it’s been eight years even though its only been a few minutes for the kid and unlike “Big”, he still looks like a kid.  He then teams up with the spaceship and they try escape from NASA (that’s right, NASA is the villain) and he learns some valuable lessons as they try to get back to his time (the most valuable lesson: NASA is eeeevil).

But Disney isn’t going to trade on the particulars of the plot or even that film’s quality (which, reading that Wikipedia entry, is probably far worse than I barely remembered).  It’s going to trade on that nostalgic feeling I had when I heard “Flight of the Navigator” and the nostalgic feeling of every other kid who loved that movie.  What’s important to remember is that kids have terrible taste.  We’re not necessarily dumb-we just didn’t know any better.  The problem is we like to believe we were just that skilled at finding quality films, books, TV, etc. when we were young.  It’s also just a gut-feeling that nostalgia provides.

Brad Copeland (“Wild Hogs”) will write the remake of the film and shouldn’t bother making any references to the original beyond the title because we won’t catch them anyway.

If there is one positive from all of this, I’m now inspired to write a featured column called “I Was a Stupid Child” where I look back at films I loved as a kid and berate Younger Matt for his foolishness.

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