DISTRICT 9 Viral Poster Invades Chicago Bus Stop

     June 9, 2009

District 9 movie poster - viral poster.jpgI live in Los Angeles. I’m used to weird movie posters and unorthodox film campaigns. But I’ve always wondered how effective they are in other cities…places that aren’t movie crazy.

Well, tonight I got an answer.

That’s because I’m in Chicago for a set visit. Tomorrow, I’ll be watching a very famous movie villain in full make-up for the first time and at some point, I’ll be writing a lot about this trip. But until then…

I was walking on Michigan Ave when I came across this poster. It’s for the movie “District 9”. Here’s the trailer.

While I know a lot about the film, I asked my friend if she’d heard about it and she said no. I then asked a few of the people standing around if they’d even looked at the poster and if they were interested in going to the website. No one said they’d check the site out and the two that I spoke with in detail said they didn’t care what it was for.

And that made me wonder…who are these ads going after? If the large majority of people walk by them, are they a waste of advertising dollars? After all, with so many video games, books, TV shows and movies going after everyone’s leisure time, do viral movie posters and ads work? I know they helped “Cloverfield”, but that’s not the norm.

What do you all think about these kinds of posters? Do you think the studios are better off spending money on a movie poster that aims at everyone, or do these posters work? Curious…

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