Marvel Moving Forward with DOCTOR STRANGE Movie?

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As the Summer of Superheroes comes to an end with the release of Captain America: The First Avenger, audiences are starting to look to next year and beyond to see what costumed good-looking people will be gracing our theaters in the coming summers. While we expect more sequels to superheroes we’ve already been introduced to (and reboots of superheroes we’ve grown tired of), there may be a couple new superheroes on the way as well.

We’ve known that Marvel has been developing films based on lesser-known characters for a while now, but we’ve recently seen some movement on these “in-development” titles. Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish just turned in the latest draft for Ant-Man, and now word comes that a script for the Doctor Strange movie has been completed and Marvel is currently looking for a director. Hit the jump for more details.

In June of last year, we reported that screenwriters Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer (Conan the Barbarian) had been tapped to get to work on a screenplay for a feature film version of the mystical superhero Doctor Strange. In the meantime, Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige has been mum on the film’s details, but has been promising development.

Well now Twitch Film reports that Donnelly and Oppenheimer just turned in their script and Marvel is now moving forward with the property, sending the script out to a number of directors that are on their shortlist for the job. They’re looking to attach a director to “oversee continued development” of the property. While that sounds like a Doctor Strange film may still be a ways off, the fact that Marvel’s looking for a director means they’re getting serious.

If you’re unfamiliar with the property, Doctor Strange centers on a surgeon who is becomes Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe following a serious car accident. Endowed with magical powers, Strange protects Earth from outside attacks. While one may have assumed that general audiences wouldn’t be up for a mystical superhero, the box office numbers for Thor seem to have convinced the higher-ups otherwise. Whether we get a Doctor Strange movie sooner or later, it sounds like Marvel won’t be suffering from superhero fatigue anytime soon.

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  • ipolos

    I’ll reserve judgment until I read some Conan reviews and see if those guys can write something good…you must be a pretty damn good writer to make a decent script for something as farfetched as doctor strange…and so far Conan has flop written all over it…

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  • JLC

    Dr. Strange has an origin tailor-made for the movies. Arrogant surgeon’s hands are damaged in car accident. Tracks down ancient sorcerer to get them fixed, who tells him he can’t help. Surgeon learns humility and then saves life of sorcerer.

    Now, beyond that, things get crazy, and very, very expensive to put onscreen. But the origin itself could be a winner.

  • shane

    submariner movie would be cool or captain britain


    With the current bromance of DisneDepp alot of potentially awesome fanboy dreams are sprouting up in my head.

  • Avenger
  • Fredowknplay

    Wow! Johnny Depp would be brilliant as Dr. Strange! Nice JSSXIII!

  • JLC

    And Burton to direct?


      OOF God no to Burton, im not a hater but not for this.

      The easy answers would be GDT or Peter Jackson, but im sure thats a little unrealistic. maybe the guy who did the last Harry Potter? i dunno.

  • Markus

    Gary Oldman is still my pick for Dr. Strange.

  • ozzie

    No Burton or Depp … that would be awefull.

  • Rolento

    Please Marvel let Guillermo del Toro direct! He said a while ago that he would love to make a Dr. Strange movie. If it’s still not for a while, maybe he can free up his schedule…


    OOF God no to Burton, im not a hater but not for this.

    The easy answers would be GDT or Peter Jackson, but im sure thats a little unrealistic. maybe the guy who did the last Harry Potter? i dunno.

    Also you might be brain damaged if you think Depp would be “Awefull” for this. Maybe not your first choice, but “Awefull” ?
    Do you watch movies?

  • tazmaniak

    Good lord.I love Dr. Strange, but they have the writers of Sahara, A Sound of Thunder and Dylan Dog writing this?Come on.

    Anyway, if done correctly, this could be very successful.Harry Potter was the most popular franchise of the last decade and is the most successful film series of all time.Add in Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean and Twilight, and movies based in fantasy and magic are very desirable.

    Dr. Strange is an interesting character, as he’s a superhero, but he’s not a traditional superhero.He wears a costume, but he doesn’t fight crime or supervillains.He fights mystics, demons and monsters on an epic scale in an effort to save the entire realm.

    It sorta plays out like an adult Harry Potter.


    Anyone else feel like this character might be a little bit EASIER to get into on film than in the comics? I love Dr. Strange but im sucker for anything even slightly occult in nature.

  • Erik

    PATRICK DEMPSEY, h has to be Dr. Strange,

  • Ash
  • bubuh

    Liam Neeson as Strange and we have a winner! boom! lets hug it out bitch.


    Good call on Caviezel.

  • Cypher

    Caviezel would never happen on account of him being a HUGE Jesus freak. (no offence) So they’d have to cut out anything occult and magic leaving… nothing really.

    I’d love to see Johnny Depp or Gary Oldman though. Iron Man and Batman were solid because of stellar acting and decent scripts. Casting a pretty boy with mediocre acting skills is pretty much asking for trouble.

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  • Ash

    Are u sure about that Cypher? Caviezel is a Jesus freak and wouldnt want to be a part of anything occult related?

    Then he might as well have not starred in outlander where he played an alien that landed on earth.. considering aliens dont really have a place in christian doctrines..

    Marvel would never hire Depp.. they’re way to stingy to cast A listers..

    Caviezel is the way forward! Marvel if you’re collider fans and browse these forums.. u need to give Jim a call..

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  • Jude

    I have been saying little prayers for the past couple years that this would happen… Now I need to say some big prayers that the studio doesn’t try to ride the wave of superhero movies by letting Dr. Strange become a poorly put together production. It has the potential to be one of the biggest of all the marvel sup-movies- if done right. The story of Dr. Strange is perfect for a movie just as long as the magic and especially the dimensions are depicted in a way movie-goers can enjoy. So many fanboys are calling their favorite actors to play the good doctor… I’m worried that by the time casting comes along that these actors won’t be saying “not another superhero movie- pass.”

    Oh, and my pick is Sam Witwer from Being Human… he was also the voice and likeness was used for the character Starkiller in the game Starwars: The Force Unleashed.

  • Wyatt

    I totally see Johnny Depp as Strange and I think Mark Steven Johnson should direct the movie. I almost see Gary Oldman as Strange but we’ll see how it works out.

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