Rumor: Have the DOCTOR STRANGE Villains Been Revealed?

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While this is most certainly a case of the cart getting in front of the horse, a new rumor has popped up with regards to the antagonists of Marvel’s Doctor Strange movie.  The studio has been talking about a feature film adaptation of the comic character for years, but Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently became quite a bit more confident about the film’s prospects as he told us that a Doctor Strange movie was one of the first things the studio planned on getting to in Phase Three, after The Avengers 2 and Ant-Man.

Disney recently announced 2016 and 2017 release dates for two untitled Marvel films, and the general consensus is that one of those will indeed be the long-promised Doctor Strange pic.  Even though the film has yet to be officially announced and there’s still no director, a new rumor has popped up claiming to reveal which villains will be squaring off against Doctor Strange in the film.  Hit the jump for more.

dormammu-doctor-strangeThe folks over at Latino Review are reporting that Doctor Strange’s principal foe in the Marvel film will be the mystical entity Dormammu, referred to by Strange himself as his “most terrible foe.”  The character is an interdimensional being that possesses a healthy number of powers and abilities.  Additionally, LR reports that Baron Karl Mordo will appear as the film’s secondary villain/henchman and the Mindless Ones figures into an action sequence.  Bordo has the ability to manipulate magical forces through his years of studying black magic and mystic arts, while the Mindless Ones are rock-looking extra dimensional creatures that are summoned to do the bidding of others.

While I have no doubt that Marvel has plenty of story and plot ideas for its Doctor Strange movie, I wouldn’t put too much stake in all of these villains appearing in the eventual film.  As we saw with Iron Man 3, once Shane Black was hired as director and got to work with screenwriter Drew Pearce, the two dreamed up a different take on the film’s villain while in pre-production, one that Marvel subsequently approved.  The studio may have ideas regarding which villains they want to use, but Doctor Strange doesn’t even have a director-approved script, let alone a director.  The film will continue to be developed once a director is hired, and it’s possible that a new screenwriter/screenwriters might be brought in to re-tool the story to the filmmaker’s liking (all approved by Marvel, of course).

Though it’s entirely possible that we could see one or more of the aforementioned villains in the eventual Doctor Strange movie, it’s also incredibly premature to start speculating on firm plot points.  Marvel has been developing a number of scripts for multiple feature film projects for years, and once one is given the firm go-ahead to become a fully-fledged movie, that development continues and results in further shaping of the story and characters.

I imagine Marvel will officially announced what those two “untitled” films set for release in 2016 and 2017 are at Comic-Con, so hopefully we start to hear more firm word about Doctor Strange in the coming months.  In the meantime, speculation is fun but don’t start preparing your opening night Mordo costume just yet.


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  • Steven Ray Morris

    Oh Shit! It’s Dormammu!

  • Lex Walker

    Dormammu’s so fat he has to grease the doors from the demon world with butter to get through.

    • Random Bystander

      Dormammu’s so fat that when you poke him the ripple wipes out the east coast of Japan.

  • Ashtalon

    I think it’s a given that these villains will be in a Doctor Strange movie. They’re his main villains. I could see Baron Mordo as another pupil with the Ancient One at the same time as Strange. Mordo disappears to come back into Strange’s life as a servant of Dormammu. Maybe Dormammu isn’t really on-screen very long. He’s basically the ominous force driving Mordo and the Mindless Ones (who break through dimensional barriers and wreak havoc on Earth). Mordo is trying to bring Dormammu into our world (climax of the film).

  • [A]

    I’m not a big fan of Dr Strange but I really want to see what Marvel (Studios) can do with him

  • Alan Burnett

    “While I have no doubt that Marvel has plenty of story and plot ideas for its Doctor Strange movie, I wouldn’t put too much stake in all of these villains appearing in the eventual film.”

    Truly spoken by someone who knows FUCK ALL about the source material. Doctor Strange ISN’T Batman: there aren’t a billion villains that a filmmaker could choose. Those two are THE Doctor Strange villains in the same way that Kingpin and Bullseye are the most notable Daredevil villains. It would make NO SENSE to save these characters for other instilments as one is his greatest nemesis and the other is important for his origin. Moreover, Stan Lee himself (along with director Alex Cox) wrote a script in which those two are the villains.

  • RiddleThemThis

    I kind of assumed that Dormammu was already going to be in it. I can’t see Marvel making a ton of Dr. Strange movies anytime soon, not while they’re interested in doing more origins films and sequels to their big name characters. So Dr. Strange will most likely be a one shot film and with that being the case, that means you have to use Dormammu, it just wouldn’t be the same without him.

  • Daniel O’Reilly

    If Iron Man 3 is any indication, Dormmamu will be a midget hiding behind a curtain with a megaphone.

    • Elephant

      And *spoilers* Dr. Strange’s girlfriend Nurse Weird will eventually kill the real Dormammu.

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  • JJ

    So, they can’t make Ghost Rider work (guy made of flames) so they think they can make it look better with this? I don’t see this character looking any less ridiculous on screen than Ghost Rider did.

  • Matt Khourie

    If Black is involved in this in any way this guy will definitely not be seeing it. Which blows because I was looking forward to it.

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