Jared Leto Rumored to Star in DOCTOR STRANGE

     June 4, 2014


Yesterday, we received word that Sinister director Scott Derrickson was in talks to direct Marvel’s upcoming Phase Three movie, Doctor Strange.  The comics focus on a talented, arrogant surgeon Stephen Strange, who shatters his hands in a car accident, and believes that by learning the mystical arts he can heal his crippling injury.  He eventually becomes the “Sorcerer Surpreme”, the protector of our world against magical threats.  There are so many talented actors out there that could fit Strange’s look and personality, but Marvel is rumored to be looking at a controversial choice.

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jared-leto-doctor-strangeAccording to Badass Digest‘s Devin Faraci, “Marvel likes (or liked, I don’t know what the current status of this is) Jared Leto for Stephen Strange.”  Faraci adds, “God help us all if that’s true.”

I’m inclined to agree.  Leto has stayed quiet since winning a slew of awards, including the Oscar, for Best Supporting Actor for Dallas Buyers Club.  I liked his performance, but it earned some understandable backlash from the transgender community.  I’ve also been a fan of some of Leto’s work before Dallas Buyers Club such as his performances in Panic Room and Requiem for a Dream.

I don’t think he’s a “bad” actor, but I don’t think he’s the ideal choice for the role.  Strange has an arrogance that’s supposed to be charming (he’s frequently compared to Tony Stark), and arrogance from someone like Leto, as we saw from his interviews on the awards circuit, can come off as grating at best and incredibly douche-y at worst.

All that being said, we’ve been taught time and time again that we should reserve judgment on casting (call it the “Heath Ledger Lesson”).  Additionally, Marvel has been dead-on with almost all of its casting thus far.  They’ve earned the benefit of the doubt.  I just hope they’re also looking at actors who don’t raise so many of those doubts.


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