The Fine Bros Cover 47 Years of DOCTOR WHO History in 6 Minutes

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I’ve never watched a single episode of Doctor Who, but I’m familiar with the broad outline of the series.  However, since the show debuted on November 23, 1963, it’s covered a lot of plots, characters, and Doctors.  Coming to the rescue are the Fine Bros.  Known for their YouTube comedy videos as well as their rapid-fire delivery of movie spoilers, Benny and Rafi fine cover 47 years of Doctor Who history in six minutes. It’s impressive stuff so hit the jump to check out the video.

The new season of Doctor Who premieres on BBC America on April 23rd at 9/8c.


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  • Pills26

    Matt, do yourself a favour and watch Doctor Who on the 23rd – that goes for everyone, ya hear?!

  • spc

    UNIT was actually the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce in the 70s. Otherwise, nice.

  • SV7

    CLASSIC Who = favourite TV series ever

  • tarek

    When I was a kid, I watched almost every episode of Dr Who ( original series). The Daleks used to scare me. ^^
    For the remake; Not a single episode.

    Is it that good ?

  • CiB

    The first regeneration in The Tenth Planet was at the beginning, not end of season 4 (The Tenth Planet was the second story of that seaon- the regeneration happened in episode 8 of 43)

  • Jon

    I grew up on the old series, and I’m one of the staunch Tom Baker fans, but I highly recommend the new series. Tom was one of the greats, but David Tennant is my new #1. Dr. #10 rocks :):) Looking forward to the further adventures of awesome #11….

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  • LL

    To Tarek, my daughter started watching BBCA and the new Doctor Who and got me back into it. Yes, it is good. Just caught up on demand – try to before Saturday.

  • Ken

    I have 4 favourite Doctors:

    Jon Pertwee
    Tom Baker
    Christopher Eccleston
    David Tennant

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