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doctor who posters

Doctor Who premiered on the BBC November 23, 1963 and launched an everlasting, beloved sci-fi franchise.  The 50th anniversary is Saturday, and to commemorate, the 3D special Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor will be simulcast to over 200 countries.  The last two Doctors, Matt Smith and David Tennant, star alongside John Hurt (playing another Doctor!), Jenna Coleman, and Billie Piper.

To coincide with the special, Matt Ferguson created a series of 11 posters with a silhouette of all the Doctors.  Check them out and find out how to buy after the jump.

Here’s the info on how to buy:

All 11 prints will be available as a timed released edition at The sale will start Friday, November 22nd at 12pm eastern and last till 11:59pm on Sunday, November 24th. Each giclee print is 8 x 11 inches, numbered and costs $25.

There will be an option to purchase each piece individually or as a set of 11 for $260. Each set will come with a free “12th” print that will be shown over the weekend on our Facebook page.

doctor who poster 1 doctor who poster 2 doctor who poster 3 doctor who poster 4 doctor who poster 5 doctor who poster 6 doctor who poster 7 doctor who poster 8 doctor who poster 9 doctor who poster 10

doctor who poster 11

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FB Comments

  • Leo Spaceman

    I’m not a Doctor Who fan but I understand what the show is about. That said, I think these posters are brilliant and amazing and really bring out the uniqueness of the character

  • Beatific

    Great posters, the backgrounds really fit well with each Doctor.

  • LL

    i like how they’re all classy, then the 11th doctor has the fez and a mop

    • Grayden

      They’re classy because they’re indicative of each Doctor. 11 has been slightly wonky so the mop and fez are brilliant as they capture the soul of 11 perfectly. He should have given 10 a banana.

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  • grapes9h5

    Brilliant!!!! I want them all

  • PatrickGoldenrod

    Thank you for this! Just bought 11.

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