Don Cheadle Talks IRON MAN 3, Shane Black, Changes on Set, CAPTAIN PLANET, and If Rhodey Might Appear in AVENGERS 2 or CAPTAIN AMERICA 2

     May 3, 2013


With writer-director Shane Black‘s Iron Man 3 now playing around the world, I recently got to speak with the cast and filmmakers here in Los Angeles.  During my video interview with Don Cheadle, we talked about collaborating with Black, the awesome dialogue, filming the action, changes on set, the collaboration with Marvel on Rhodey, if he’s talked to Joss Whedon about The Avengers 2, will he make an appearance in Captain America 2, and the future of Captain Planet.  Hit the jump to watch.

Don Cheadle:

  • When will we see more Captain Planet
  • While he can finally talk about the movie…he really can’t talk about the movie without giving away any of the twists and turns
  • Collaborating with Shane Black and his awesome dialogue
  • Does he look forward to filming the action sequences
  • How is the collaboration with Marvel on his character
  • Has he talked to Joss Whedon about trying to get in Avengers 2
  • Will he make an appearance in Captain America 2
  • How did things change on set


  • LE M

    The character was underutilized in IM3.

    • [A]

      ..but better used than in IM2

      • LEM

        At least he got to do some fighting in IM2. In this one he just kicked in a couple doors and was used for comic relief.