Warner Bros and Joel Silver Fast-Tracking DON QUIXOTE Adaptation

     June 11, 2010


Poor Terry Gilliam.  Just as the director finally seems close to assembling his adaptation of the Miguel Cervantes novel Don Quixote, Warner Bros. and superproducer Joel Silver (Sherlock Holmes) have their eye on the story with the intent to fast-track it to blockbuster status.

Pajiba reports that the project is being described as a “Pirates of the Caribbean-style swashbuckling version of the story.”  The studio will reportedly jettison the insanity inherent to the lead character, and set would-be knight Don Quixote’s adventures with faithful squire Sancho Panza amid actual fantasy.  That seems like an odd choice, but I haven’t read the book.  My only real point of reference is the Wishbone episode, which you check out after the jump.

What’s the story, Wishbone?

  • Axford

    The whole insanity thing is kind of the point of it, that's what makes it funny and tragic. To set it in an actual fantasy world means they are not making “Don Quixote” just using the name. I don't understand this at all. So basically their making Jack Sparrow a knight instead of a pirate, is what this comes down to. Shame on you Joel Silver for not having a spine.

  • Faustapp

    F%#k that Sherlock holmes movie and this insane push to take chracters (captain memo, Allan quartermain, journey to the center of the earth, don Quixote) who are in books that are truly superb and beutiful works of fiction and making crap cgi mockeries about them. So a Don Quixote headed by Gilliam, Johnny Depp, and Bob haskins can't get green lit but hey somebodies got a script that beneth fan fic and that we can bang out in few months (and can be forgotten just as quickly) I thought the improvements in sfx would allow people to tell great stories and be able to achive the parts that would of been difficult to do before. How wrong was I.

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  • Kike

    Worst. idea. Ever.