Donald Glover Talks about His “Donald4Spiderman” Twitter Campaign

     February 7, 2011

Last year when the search for a new Peter Parker was underway for director Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot, Community star Donald Glover half-jokingly threw his name into contention.  This started a firestorm of controversy over whether or not a black actor should play the traditionally white role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man (our story on the matter got almost 200 comments).  I loved the idea since I’m not only a huge fan of Glover’s work, but I also thought it would give the unnecessary reboot its own personality.  While Glover didn’t get the role, I’m convinced that he’ll be headlining movies within the next five years anyway.

In a recent stand-up bit, Glover chimed in on the controversy.  Unsurprisingly, he’s hilarious about it and explains why casting him as Spider-Man wouldn’t be the same thing as casting Michael Cera as Shaft.  Hit the jump to check out the bit.

Via Vulture.

Donald For Spiderman (HD) from Film From The Future Productions on Vimeo.

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  • The Dark Knight

    there are more races then black and white black people keep on whining about this stuff when they have great black superheroes that they can portray instead

  • TheTrickster

    I thought this was nonsense before watching Community. Now that I’m a fan of the show I have to say Donald would be amazing playing Spiderman.

  • Dev1359

    I love Donald Glover and all but I can’t see him in the role and it has nothing to do with his skin color. I’m sure he’d be able to pull off the intelligence and the wit of the part but pulling off the humanity of Peter Parker is something else entirely. Andrew Garfield showed in The Social Network that he can do this and he’s already an awarded and accomplished in the UK…I think he’s perfect for the part.

  • xiang ting toobe

    we need oriental spiferman. Ten years down the line when he masks he wil be chinese cuz theres a billion people who want to see it

  • Jesus

    You people are looking at this all wrong, God and I talked, and the real groundbreaking approach would be to have a paraplegic play Spider-man.

  • Ryan

    Listen, dude can’t play Peter Parker for the same reason that Bruce Willis can’t play Luke Cage. Or, I’d love to see Morgan Freeman as George Washington, just like I’d love to see Tom Cruise play Shaka Zulu. That’d all be okay, right?

  • chris

    i found him so annoying for this i don’t watch community at all, every time i see him its just annoys me that he tried to make a case for it. I vote for Michael Cera for black panther than retard.

  • Tim

    Sorry Xiang, he’ll probably be Korean before he’s Chinese. They’ll probably get Rain to play him, and they’ll only have to change his name from Peter Parker to Peter Park. Just watch.

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