Exclusive ‘Downrange’ Clip and Poster Tease Road Trip Gone to Hell

As a filmmaker, Ryuhei Kitamura always does something interesting. With the wild and boisterous zombie actioner Versus, the epic Kaiju monster mash that is Godzilla: Final Wars, and the unnerving maniacal madness of his Clive Barker adaptation Midnight Meat Train, Kitamura makes reliably raucous entertainment. Next up is Downrange, his English language horror thriller about a group of six college friend on a cross-country road trip who find themselves pinned down by an unseen gunman after he shoots out their tire.

Today, we’re happy to debut an exclusive first look clip from the TIFF selection, that gives you a taste of the kind of carnage you can expect when things start to go haywire. We’ve also got a brand new exclusive poster for the film, which you can set your sights on after the video

Downrange stars Stephanie Pearson (Insidious: Chapter 2), Alexa Yeames (The Originals), and Jason Tobias  (Notorious), Rod Hernandez-Farella, Anthony Kirlew, and newcomer Kelly Connaire. The film will have its world premiere Friday night as a part of TIFF’s Midnight Madness lineup. Watch the first look clip below.

Here’s the official Downrange synopsis:

“Six college students are carpooling cross-country when one of their tires blows out on a desolate stretch of country road. Getting out to fix the flat, they quickly discover that this was no accident. The tire was shot out. With their vehicle incapacitated, the group is pinned  and mercilessly attacked by an unseen assailant as they desperately attempt to find a way to escape.”

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