New Trailer for DOWNTON ABBEY Season 4

     October 30, 2013


Though the fourth season of Downton Abbey is currently airing in the UK, we here in the States still have to wait a few months to catch up on the goings-on at Downton.  As such, Masterpiece has just released a teaser trailer for the upcoming season, providing a peek at what’s in store without inundating viewers with spoilers.  Unsurprisingly, the focus of series four seems to be on how the folks at Downton are dealing with the aftermath of last year’s finale/Christmas special.  For those of you that have been watching season four (either legally or illegally), I’d ask that you please refrain from posting spoilers in the comments.

Hit the jump to watch the brief trailer.  Season four of Downton Abbey will premiere in the US on PBS January 5, 2014.



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  • TheMattedScreen

    The masked serial killer angel is a bit odd for the series, I mean since they didn’t really bring anyone new to the show, it can only be a series regular. While it has a nice Agatha Christie vibe to it, it’s still out of place and leaves little mystery when it’s clearly a male killer and there are only a handful of viable male characters to chose from. <- I haven't seen any episodes of this season yet so if that's true then the show has taken a DRAMATIC turn for the worse!