Over 60 Cosplay Photos from Dragon Con 2014

     September 1, 2014


Atlanta’s fantasy and sci-fi convention Dragon Con has come to a close for 2014, and has, as always, been a rip-roaring good time.  The fan-run con has always puts its emphasis on cosplay and deeper exploration of fandoms through panels and social events, and routinely draws around 60,000 attendees for its programming and parade. (In fact, here are 5 Things You Should Know About Dragon Con).

Hit the jump to get a peek at some of the cosplayers, dedicated costumers, and others who help make Dragon Con a true geek heaven.

Photo credits to Allison Keene and Pat Loika.

Dragon Con cosplay 2014


  • Matt

    Tommy Wiseau cosplay is priceless.

  • Davis

    Deadpool cosplayers are the most annoying and obnoxious ones out there. They all think they are so snarky and clever, but really they are just unfunny and annoying.

    • Old Soldier

      ….AND the most overused. That and Harley Quinn.

  • Lucas Accardo

    I see Aaron Paul likes Top Gun

    • Gerry Rock

      I thought the same thing! … also, looks like Aaron gained some weight haha

  • Hey…HEY!

    “Death of Jean Grey” and Cobra/Dreadnoughts were awesome!

    • Hey…HEY!

      Also, 80′s WWF baddies.

  • Marissa Evans

    That Robin Williams tribute was sweet. :)

  • appolox

    Damn the Ronan and Sentinel ones are impressive.

    • Drew

      Yeah, they were. Think about the amount of money and time that went into those. The Ronan one looks almost exactly like the costume in the movie.

  • Damn

    The chick who dressed up as WWE’s Paige did a really good job. And even though its an excellent costume, i can’t help but feel bad for the chick that went as Witchblade. She’s practically naked, and yet guys are probably lining up to take a picture with her so they can put an arm around her. She deserves better than that.

    • Davis

      yeah, her name is Jacquelin Goehner, and she is a model/fashion designer that shows up at a lot of these, often she has multiple costumes, but Witchblade is her main one. She is really cool and I got the opportunity to hang out with her once.

    • Drew

      Is that who she is supposed to be? I just thought she was a scantly dressed Groot.

    • James Franco

      What’s the name of the girl dressed as Paige?

  • Strong Enough

    what the hell is Beast doing to that oompa loompa?

  • ʝoe βloggs

    Pink Lady Vader got me so hot and bothered.

    • MainFragger

      She finds your presence of testosterone disturbing..

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