Drake Doremus on Making ‘Equals’, VR, Future Projects, and Getting Honest Feedback


With writer-director Drake Doremus’ sci-fi drama Equals opening this weekend, the other day I sat down with the talented filmmaker for an extended interview. Since Adam spoke to him after the Toronto Film Festival premiere and covered a lot of ground on the making of the film, I decided to use my time covering other subjects. During the interview, Doremus talked about securing financing, who gives him honest feedback in the editing room, the first cut versus the finished film, VR, if his process has changed over the years, his collaboration with editor Jonathan Alberts, future projects, and a lot more.

If you’re not familiar with Equals (read Adam’s review here), the film is Doremus’ first sci-fi movie and stars Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult as two members of a totalitarian state where emotions have been eradicated since birth. However, a new disease called Switched-On-Syndrome threatens society by allowing emotions to reemerge. Caught in the middle, Stewart and Hoult’s characters try and deal with the ramifications of the disease in a place where one false move would be the end of their new existence. For more on Equals, you can watch the trailers.

Below I’ve listed what Drake and I talked about. Further down is the official synopsis.

Drake Doremus:

Image via TIFF

Image via Venice Film Festival

Image via Venice Film Festival

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