DreamWorks Plans Kodachrome-Centered Film With Director Shawn Levy

     March 29, 2011


Lest you thought Hollywood was out of film ideas based on objects (Stretch Armstrong, Quija, etc.), DreamWorks has just made a preemptive deal on a pitch about the demise of Kodachrome photography. However, this film isn’t entirely based on Kodak’s film. The pitch-deal includes the rights to a New York Times article about the closing of the last lab that processed Kodachrome film, signaling the final nail in the coffin of the development system that was replaced by digital cameras. Fans from all over the country traveled to the Kansas lab to develop their film one last time.

Deadline reports that the idea will be repurposed for the film, making it a father-son road trip story following the duo’s trek across the country to reach the lab and process their last remaining photos before they’re gone forever. The film is being produced as a potential directing vehicle for Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum), with Jonathan Tropper writing the script. Levy is currently finishing up post-production on the Hugh Jackman-starred action flick Real Steel. Now, good luck getting Paul Simon’s “Kodachrome” out of your head for the next few hours.

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