Karl Urban Says a DREDD Sequel Is “Not Off the Agenda”

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Fans of the comic series Judge Dredd have been clamoring for a worthy big screen adaptation for years.  The 1995 Sylvester Stallone-fronted iteration missed the mark entirely, but director Peter Travis and screenwriter Alex Garland brought a harneded, R-rated take on the character to the big screen last year with Dredd.  The film received generally positive reviews and a fantastic reception from longtime fans of the comics, but it didn’t exactly strike a chord with general audiences.  Against a budget of $45 million, the pic only grossed $35.6 million worldwide, making the prospect of a sequel rather slim.

Steve recently caught up with Dredd star Karl Urban for a phone interview in anticipation of the release of Star Trek Into Darkness, and Urban revealed that there’s hope yet for a Dredd 2 given the first film’s recent cult status.  The actor noted that he has been in touch with Garland and the prospect of a Dredd sequel is “not off the agenda,” suggesting the fate of the film ultimately lies with the fans.  Hit the jump for more.

When speaking with Urban, Steve mentioned that there’s a passionate fanbase for Dredd out there and asked the actor if there’s any possibility of him reprising the role in a sequel:

“Interestingly enough, I did have breakfast with Alex Garland this morning.  It’s not off the agenda.  Clearly everyone has woken up to the fact that an audience has found this movie and loves it.  It’s entirely possible, and if people want to see another installment then they should be vocal about that, because, it can happen.  The power of fandom can resurrect projects.  In fact, that’s what happened with Star Trek.  They weren’t going to do a third season until fans did a letter writing campaign and they continued that series.”

The Dredd was already made on a rather low budget with regards to other comic book adaptations, but it’s feasible that the film finding a wider audience on Blu-ray and DVD could convince a studio to give it another go.  As Urban notes, it’s up to Dredd fans to speak up and let the powers that be know that there is an audience out there clamoring for Dredd 2 to come to fruition, so start making moves people.

Look for Steve’s full interview with Urban on Collider soon.


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  • http://twitter.com/stone_dog5 Ben Mingo

    Well I would love to see another one. Saw it at the theater and then purchased the Blu-ray on release.


    YES! YES! YESSS!!!

    Please make this happen! Best comic book movie of last year! Only thing I didn’t like about it was the posters and the above dvd cover. The movie is a little gem though. NEEDS to be at least a series of films. 35+ years of comics, graphic novels and awesome stories, and different artists, there is plenty of possibilities for future stories.
    It also had the best use of 3D I’ve seen so far too. Though my cinema didn’t offer a 2D version. So a few of my friends skipped on seeing it, but they now own the bluray.
    Next time though, get some of those great comic book artists to make the posters, because that pic above is ugly and cheap looking. Looks like TDK cover.

    Wouldn’t mind knowing how to make my voice heard to the right people though?

  • victorinox126

    This movie kicked so much ass.

  • Mike

    Gotta agree with everyone. Bought the blu ray based on reviews and was not at all disappointed. Best 3D bluray around besides maybe Life of Pi.

  • BOOM

    Kickstarter maybe? and remove the 3D from the title will probably help if they make a new one.

    • The OG Hipster

      Kickstarter best case scenario is about $3M… a decent adaption would cost at least 10x that (and probably more). Kickstarter is thrown out like its the future, but its really not.

  • Eldo

    It makes my blood boil to see shite like Resident Evil and Scary Movie get sequels, but not Dredd.

    Money talks, bullshit sells.

  • http://twitter.com/CharkyPipz Charky

    Yes yes yes yes YES! This film has made it into my top 5 favourite movies of all time, would love to see a sequel.

  • Scott C

    The ADVERTISING was the downfall. I didn’t see previews for Dredd until 3 weeks before it was out. Advertise the sequel right (like other comic movies) and make it like you did this one and you will have an R-rated Blockbuster hit!

    • ikkf

      I didn’t even know it came out when it did. I saw no advertisements or promotions of it anywhere. Damn shame.

    • sucks

      yeah and it came out in September…. SEPTEMBER. It’s like they wanted the movie to fail.

  • GunzOfNavarone

    So get a petition up and ask us all where to sign!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=669493883 Andreas Bengtsson

    Another one? Hell yeah! The chord they struck with this one was great, But I would like to see an expanded MegaCityOne. And perhaps ending in a third movie with Dredd taking the Long Walk would be a symmetrical ending.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=669493883 Andreas Bengtsson

    Is a kickstarter possible?

    • Joe Soap

      Nope, DNA films all ready shot that one down. It needs an investor who can give more than what Veronica Mars and Zach Braff can get.

    • RiddleThemThis

      Raising 45 million or more from fans seems unlikely considering the first didn’t even make that at the box office.

    • Guest

      Raising 45 million or more from fans seems unlikely, especially considering the fact that the first didn’t even make that much at the box office.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=695767605 Rob Hollocks


    • Joe Soap

      Read the above posts.

    • Joe Soap

      Read the above posts.

  • http://tarek-to-verso.over-blog.com/‎ tarek

    @ Matt Lane: you are so beautiful. I want to mary you

  • shadypotential

    god no. please no

    • Eldo

      “I love it. You guys are never getting a sequel.”

      I hope you get to eat these words.

      • shadypotential

        trust me. i won’t. lmao

  • gcm443

    make a fucking sequel

  • gcm443

    make a fucking sequel

    • ikkf

      “make a fucking sequel, sir!”


  • Northern Star

    First the announcement of a new ’24′ series and now the possibility – however tenuous – of a DREDD sequel… this week just gets better and better with each passing day!

  • pinkincide

    I NEED to see more of that city. We see a lot of dystopian visions, but this one is disturbingly plausible.

    • ikkf

      Yes! It was one of the few CG cityscapes that didn’t look CG. Looked very real and believable.

  • tranquil


    Like it!

  • DREDD2!!!

    Even if Kickstarter couldn’t pay the whole bill I’d gladly contribute!

    • Joe Soap

      You’d contribute more by buying blu-rays for friends. That’s what gets noticed and spreads the word.

  • ikkf

    Bought a copy of the Bluray. Really hoping they make a sequel. I think it was the best action movie of 2012.

    Hey, it happened with Pitch Black, right? There is hope.

  • Kara

    How do I tell ‘them’ that I loved it,,,??? When he says its up to the fans… how does one go about it..?
    Saw this film at the cinemas and thought it was awesome!!

    • MIXTER


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  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.dgenerate Steve D’Generate

    Best comic book adaptation of last year and light years ahead of the Stallone vehicle. The news of a possible sequel is very encouraging, and Dredd really deserves a follow-up.
    Just hope the marketing is better and the American box office take is improved?
    Fingers and other extremities crossed….

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  • Liam

    Dredd was great… I hope we get another one!

  • DanGerDiabolik

    yes! i for one would like to see a sequel to Dredd! make it so!




    Imagine if they get a sequel, I’d love to see some input by Neil Blompkamp! Imagine his version of Hammerstein! (ABC Warrior) in Dredd’s already realistic world.

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  • lobtaylor

    I was shocked at how good this movie was! I wasn’t impressed with the trailer and went to see the flick out of boredom, boy was I glad I did.
    Hell yeah a sequel will be awesome if its the same set of writers stars and director from the first flick

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  • Jeff Barber

    Dredd was a brilliant movie. everyone who has watched it loved it. the soundtrack is amazing. if you havent seen it, do it now!

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  • Richard Soto

    They would need the villain or co-star to be a big name. Dredd was pretty legit but the unknown names and light-promotions didn’t fare to the public. Of course, stick to the R ratings. No need to dumb-it to a PG-13 to get that extra “$5 Million”.

  • Richard Soto

    They would need the villain or co-star to be a big name. Dredd was pretty legit but the unknown names and light-promotions didn’t fare to the public. Of course, stick to the R ratings. No need to dumb-it to a PG-13 to get that extra “$5 Million”.


    Totally agree, this is how hard S/F was meant to be done. Mr. Urban rocked the role and the film in general nailed the character and world of JD. This is one film that demands a sequel or two. While the comic book is not available here in the boonies, I managed to buy two issues some years ago. One was enough to make me a fan. “Eat some elbow pad creep!” (creep’s teeth appropriately shatter). Ohh the joy!
    First 3D film I’ve seen that actually benefited from the extra dimension, besides Life of Pi.

    • MIXTER

      Where on Earth is the Boonies?

      Lots of comics and graphic novels on ebay. Dredd even faces off against Batman in a few of them. An Extreme cop vs the most extreme Vigilante+ Dredds/Bat villains = some fuct up shit!

      ps.. I wrote a begging letter to these folks…


      Maybe follow suit to get us heard?

      And I included a link to this thread on collider. Maybe they will look to see how desperate we are for a sequel?

      I think a sequel will make enough box office that it will pay for the losses of the first film, and even warrant a 3rd and 4th movie.

      ps.. heres a link to that facebook petition again for good measure…


      Anyone know how to get a twitter thing going like the savetheclonewars thing?

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  • Xavier

    Oh dear God… or dear producers… PLEASE let this happen.

    DREDD was one of those films you will NEVER forget: Awesome, cool, different.

    I bought 2 3D Blu Rays, 2 standard Blu Rays and 2 DVDs to show my support.

    Count me in.

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  • http://porcelaintheology.blogspot.com/ KISSman

    Even though I’m not really a fan of the character and had little interest in this movie when it came out, I gave it a chance and enjoyed the film quite a lot. I’m not sure if we need a sequel, but I would welcome one and would likely see it (as long as it’s not crap, of course).

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  • Eric Viereck, Jr.

    If The Chronicles of Riddick Series can get not one but TWO sequels thanks to cult status and consistent airings on TNT, Spike, etc. then Dredd should get a sequel from this!! :D :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Soap/100001455228066 Joe Soap

      Pitch Black got a sequel because it made money at the box-office and DVD.

  • george clooney

    Alex Garland’s got them neato stories so buy your 3d blu rays ppl

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  • DD

    YES! Dredd deserves and needs that sequel! Such a good movie, and one of the best from 2012. Would love to see Dredd 2.

  • The OG Hipster

    Sorry… Sly Stallone will always be the one and only Dredd. The remake was a flop, and no sequel is neccessary


      I’m sure it’s a ‘hipsterish’ thing to say that.

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