DREDD Director Pete Travis Kicked out of the Editing Room; Screenwriter Alex Garland May Seek Co-Director Credit [UPDATED]

     October 7, 2011



The Judge Dredd reboot, Dredd, seemed to be going well.  Karl Urban was playing the title role and the film promised to be more faithful to the original comics than the awful 1995 adaptation starring Sylvester Stallone.  For those unfamiliar with Judge Dredd, the story takes place in a dystopian future where the law is carried out by “Judges” who are “judge, jury, and executioner” for all criminals.  The film was shooting in 3D in Johannesburg for a September 21, 2012 release.

However, 24 Frames is now reporting that director Pete Travis (Vantage Point) has been locked out of the editing phase and the process is being handled by screenwriter and producer Alex Garland (28 Days Later).  According to 24 Frames, “Creative disagreements with producers and executives in charge of the film reached a boiling point,” and that, ” sources said it arose when Travis and producers and executives in charge of the production did not see eye-to-eye on footage Travis was delivering.”  However, other sources say that “although Travis is no longer involved in postproduction, he is keeping up with progress via the Internet and has not been pushed aside.”  Hit the jump for more. [Garland and Travis have released a joint response to this story.  Hit the jump for the quote.]

Cutting the director out the editing phase is always a bit troubling but it doesn’t necessarily lead to a poor film.  There was some contention involving director Stephen Sommers and the editing of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, but that film turned out fine.  However, if the person who was in charge of the film is no longer deemed capable of taking it to the finish line, it’s usually a sign that the producers are unhappy with the rough cut or the dailies.

But with Dredd, Garland’s work may have been so extensive that he may seek a co-director credit even though he didn’t shoot any of the footage to date (although there’s still the possibility of reshoots).  It’s unusual for a co-director credit to be added at a later date, but this doesn’t necessarily mean Dredd is a flop.  Garland isn’t an outsider to the production and it’s possible that Travis didn’t capture the tone Garland laid out in his script.  At least we can all rest easy knowing that no matter how the final film turns out, we will all be spared the “comic relief” of Rob Schneider.

Travis and Garland have released a joint statement to 24 Frames on the matters:

“During all stages of the filmmaking, ‘Dredd’ has been a collaboration between a number of dedicated creative parties.  From the outset we decided on an unorthodox collaboration to make the film.  This situation has been misinterpreted.  To set the record straight, Pete was not fired and remains a central part of the collaboration, and Alex is not seeking a co-director credit.  We are all extremely proud of the film we have made, and respectfully suggest that it is judged on viewing when its released next year.”

I don’t know if this is damage control but I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and believe that the matter was “misinterpreted”.



  • lame duck

    Wow! Talk about your cold shoulder. I the director gets locked out of the final editing process simply because he has disagreements about the footage, then what’s the point of Pete Travis the director in the first? Shouldn’t it be a collaborative process between the screenwriter and the director? IMO. I love Christopher Nolans stuff…really a great director but sometimes i wish he would get locked out of the editing room as well. :p

  • Fowler

    As Judge Dredd, Karl Urban should be a hardcore badass like Liam Neeson in Taken.

    Karl Urban must say the following lines in Dredd:

    “I am the law!”

    “I knew you’d say that.” (in five scenes)

    “I knew they’d do that.”

    “Full auto. Rapid-fire.”

    “Armour piercing”

    “Double whammy.”

    “Signal flare!”

  • moore


  • moore

    You said:
    There was some contention involving director Stephen Sommers and the editing of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, “but that film turned out fine.”

    um…on what planet did that film turn out fine? It’s true, the film could still be fine, but that comparison was ill-conceived.

    In my experience , you have to be an exceptional a-hole to be kicked out of the editing room – like hang your junk out on the coffee table and throw feeces at the monitor kind of a-hole. just sayin’…

    • Grimcicle

      GI Joe is a love or hate kind of film.

    • Alvarez

      Travis wasn’t being an a-hole – it was merely “creative disagreements” that made him leave the project.

  • Chantelle Reade

    I look forward to seeing the following villains in future sequels:

    Angel Gang, Mean Machine Angel, President Booth, Oola Blint, Judge Cal, Dark Judges, Judge Death, Rico Dredd, Armon Gill, Judge Grice, Morton Judd, Kleggs, Judge Kraken, Stan Lee, PJ Maybe, Nero Narcos, Sov Judge Orlok, Shojun the Warlord, Judge Sinfield

    I hope in this film series, they will include the following Judges:

    Beeny, Buell, Galen DeMarco, Dirty Frank, Edgar, Chief Judge Fargo, Francisco, Giant, Goodman, Griffin, Hershey, Janus, Karyn, McGruder, Mechanismo, Niles, Rico, Shenker, Silver, Solomon, Volt

    I hope in this film series, they will include:

    Chopper, Vienna Dredd, Fergee, Yassa Povey, Jacob Sardini, Otto Sump, Walter the Wobot

    I hope one of the following recognisable actors with comedic experience plays Fergee:

    Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Ricky Gervais, Simon Pegg, Eddie Izzard, Steve Coogan, Jeremy Piven, Paul Rudd

  • snapperhead

    “that film turned out fine.” HA HA!
    Thanks, Goldberg. Best joke of the day.

    • rbevanx

      “There was some contention involving director Stephen Sommers and the editing of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, but that film turned out fine.”

      Yeah classic Goldberg alright :D

  • Tarek

    Judge Dredd wasn’t awful. It was a very entertaining movie with the hilarious Rob Schneider.
    300 was awful. Watchmen was awful.

    • Keir

      You are awful

      • Tarek

        Of course I am! ^^

  • nawtnt

    I think the Stallone movie was great and funny.

    I hope Dredd turns out to be great and true to the comic books.

    If Pete Travis is out then bring in John Hyams, Universal Soldier: Regerenation was the best action movie of 2010.

    The stunt work was done well and the fight scenes were the best part.

    Let’s hope this reboot works out well.

    • Matt

      I’d rather they bring in Gareth Evans, who made Merantau and The Raid – proper action sequences where you can actually see what’s going on. Pete Travis is a protege of Paul Greengrass and loves his shaky-cam BS.

      • Matt

        And interestingly enough, Duncan Jones was the first choice for this film originally. I bet they wish they’d gone with him now…

  • Rukia

    This story reminds me of James Cameron’s Piranha involvement.

    Travis is keeping up with progress via the internet? lmao!

  • News Hit

    I assume what happened was that Pete Travis wanted to give the film a third act, Garland was like “not on one of my films, you don’t” and then kept on showing Travis the last 20 minutes of ‘Sunshine’ until the director could take no more and left.

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  • prime

    Same thing with G.I Joe but that turned out to be bullshit,this will too.

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  • X

    GI Joe was fine? What film were you watching?

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