Lionsgate Schedules DREDD for September 21, 2012

     July 21, 2011


Just a few days ago, we received the first official image of Karl Urban as Judge Dredd in Dredd (sliced above).  According to Box Office Mojo, Lionsgate has scheduled the full unveiling for September 21, 2012, where the R-rated Dredd will face the animated comedy Hotel Transylvania.  The audiences obviously don’t overlap, but both movies are in 3D.  Can I assume there enough 3D-equipped theaters now that such is no longer a problem as it was in the early days of the 3D movement?

Lena Headey and Olivia Thirlby join Urban in the new adaptation of the 2000 AD comic Judge Dredd.  Pete Travis (Vantage Point) is directing from a script by Alex Garland (Sunshine).  Click here for all our Dredd coverage.


  • Strong Enough

    This is Priest all over again.

    • Dreddhead

      Preist failed because it had a poor script-Dredd bares no similarity to it what so ever-apart from having Karl Urban in it!
      I’m guessing that’s what you’re basing your sweeping assumption on?

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  • Grimcicle

    So a film that’s already in post-production won’t see release for another 14 months?


  • Agent_Black

    Exactly what Grimcircle said. This is fucked up and very bad news given that the original release date was slated for Dec 2011. How much CG crap are the putting over the top of this movie?

  • Dreddhead

    It’s an effects intensive production, that’s why the long wait

    I’d rather they took their time and got it right than rush the film to release.

  • Tarek

    We need more acting, real sets and less CGI.

    • michael wilde

      Amen brother!

  • TheUrb

    Big fan of Karl Urban (he’s spot on and hilarious as Bones McCoy). I’m excited for this movie. But, I just gotta say, that picture does him and the movie no justice. He looks a kid who found daddy’s helmet. It’s too big for his head!

  • Northern Star

    ‘Dredd’ was NEVER to be released in December, that was on IMDB and other sites just picked it up without checking first- it was never true!

    The probable reason for the September 2012 release is to get the visual effects and 3-D rendered to their fullest potential, but also so the distributors can create an effective marketing campaign to make people sufficiently aware and interested in the movie prior to it’s release…

    Fingers crossed this is gonna be a great Judge Dredd movie, I have every confidence in the team behind it, they haven’t put a foot wrong, so far…