Drew Goddard Gives Update on CLOVERFIELD Sequel

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Talk of a Cloverfield sequel has been around for quite some time now. Fans were eager to see more of the found footage monster pic after its 2008 release, and producer J.J. Abrams, director Matt Reeves, and screenwriter Drew Goddard have been plagued with Cloverfield sequel questions for the past three and a half years. All involved stressed that it was more important to have a story worth telling than to rush straight into production on a follow-up, and major movement on the sequel has yet to happen.

Steve sat down with Goddard earlier today to talk about his upcoming directorial debut The Cabin in the Woods (co-written by Joss Whedon), and the scribe gave an update on the status of the sequel and why it hasn’t come to fruition sooner. Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

cloverfield-2-drew-goddardWhen asked about the status of the sequel, Goddard gave pretty much the same answer we’ve been hearing for the past few years:

“I wish I had a better answer (laughs), I wish I had an answer where it’s like, ‘Oh the sequel’s starting shooting at this time next year,’ but the truth is, these things take time.”

The truth is that Goddard, Reeves and Abrams just haven’t had a chance to get together to hash out ideas for a follow-up:

“I think if you asked J.J., Matt and I, we each have our own ideas of what we would want to do, which is kind of how the first Cloverfield worked, it was sort of a conversation between the three of us. I’ve certainly thought about it a lot and I think Matt said the same and J.J. said the same, we just haven’t got the three of us together in one room to figure out what we would want to do.”

cloverfield-posterAbrams is a ridiculously busy guy juggling his own directorial projects and producer commitments in both film and television, Reeves has multiple directorial projects lined up as well, and Goddard’s Cabin in the Woods is getting crazy positive buzz so I’m assuming he’ll have quite a few phone calls once the film hits theaters. As you can imagine, getting their schedules to sync up isn’t the easiest of tasks. That said, I’m not necessarily sure that Cloverfield begs for a follow-up. Steve mentioned to Goddard that not all movies need a sequel, and Cloverfield definitely works as a stand-alone pic:

“Certainly we didn’t set out to make a franchise, we set out to make a good movie. That was what we set out to do. But also, I love that world and that universe so if there was an idea that excited us enough and we felt like there was a reason to do it, we would do it.”

The film took in quite a hefty haul at the box office against its small budget, so it makes sense that Paramount is eager to get a sequel going. Goddard said that’s where being friends with J.J. Abrams comes in:

“The nice thing about working with a guy like J.J. and the power he has [is that] the studio’s not gonna force him to do anything. He’s been able to say, ‘We’ll do it when we’re ready. We’re not gonna do it just because it’ll help your bottom line, we’re gonna do it because there’s an idea that excites us.’ So that’s informed our discussions, we don’t feel like we have to [do it], so it’s like, ‘Can we come up with something that excites us enough to do it?’ “

cloverfield_sequelThe scribe also briefly touched on the theory that the alien in Abrams’ Super 8 is somehow connected to the alien in Cloverfield (a theory that Abrams himself has already shot down), confirming that Abrams never discussed the connection with him. I thought Cloverfield was a damn entertaining moviegoing experience, but found footage has now become its own genre. It would be interesting to see how a Cloverfield sequel plays now that found footage is commonplace, and Goddard and co. would definitely have to find a way to make the experience fresh again. That said, I’m confident that if and when the day comes that Cloverfield 2 heads into production, it’ll be because Reeves, Abrams and Goddard came up with a compelling story idea. You can watch the portion of Steve’s interview where Goddard talks about the Cloverfield sequel below, and be sure to look out for the full interview closer to the release of The Cabin in the Woods.


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  • Pooper

    So there was no news in the article! I skimmed through it to see what the news was, didn’t see any, so went back and read the whole article, and there STILL was no news to be found. A bit of a waste of time.

    Way to turn nothing at all into an article!!

    -sigh- Well I guess I still like the site

  • Dogg

    Only if it’s called Cloverfield 2: The Steadycam

  • Austin H

    A Cloverfield sequel would complete my life.

  • Druzilla

    Drew, you have a couple of viable options

    1. Tell the cloverfield story cinematically, not from 1 viewpoint…fill in the story gaps, echo a few moments from the first film (e.g. Monster leaping into the air and swiping at the helicopter, HUD getting eaten, statue of liberty head getting spat/thrown/whatever)

    2. More found footage shot byanother dude..like the guy on the bridge before the creatures tail destroyed it. Jason was presumed dead in that scene, it’d be nice to discover that he’s alive…it’d be awesome if he had a similar experience to Rob trying to get off the island.

    They should hire me to write the screenplay as I’ve given it way more thought than Drew, JJ or Matt.

  • AlexHeyNa

    “Certainly we didn’t set out to make a franchise, we set out to make a good movie. That was what we set out to do. But also, I love that world and that universe…”

    And money.

    • Fred

      How dare he expect to get paid for his work.

    • Fred

      How dare he expect to get paid for his work.

    • Fred

      How dare he expect to get paid for his work.

  • Chuck

    I can’t help but think that the best sequel would be a film not done in camcorder footage style like the first, but intead an actual movie focusing on the monster wreaking havoc through out America, and our efforts to deal with it, figure out where it came from, etc.

    Another faux reality movie of seperate footage would be very hokey, IMO. The first one was very well done, but another one done in the same fashion would be overkill.

  • Dolby

    Regardless of which way they decide to go in terms of visual style, I just hope that if and when the sequel happens it at least explains a bit more about the monster – what is it? where did it come from? Can it be killed? And are there more of them somewhere?

    Didn’t JJ or Drew once mention that the creature was a baby? If the creature as shown in Cloverfield is the infant, what on earth does an adult of the same species look like?

  • Louis scott targas

    I seem to remember hearing perhaps in a behind the scenes interview or something that it was a baby from the ocean.

    Also I agree that if they were to do a sequel they should stay far away from the camcorder found footage bad trend in horror movies.

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  • K1Ng5p4d3

    Really? I can’t post my conplete thought on this?! I’ve followed MGP since the beginning, and I can’t even weigh in a full thought here?! What gives??

  • K1Ng5p4d3

    Personally, being someone that followed the MGP phenomenon meticulously, like hundreds of others did, looking for clues and hints along the way during the countdown to the release, I would love to see a sequel come to fruition for one reason and one reason only. CLOSURE. All of the little breadcrumbs that Abrams n company left for us, led to absolutely nowhere. Tagruato, the oil rig footage, the slusho website, and everything else that was thrown at us, really did nothing but piss off those of us who were looking for answers. Please feel free to email me if there is anybody out there from the old forums that we all used to visit, N if you feel the same way I do, please help me get that message out to Abrams, and Reeves, and make them understand that they’ve made one epic, monstrous(LOL), Incomplete film. It leaves us all hanging off a cliff, with no answers in sight (in spectacular JJ Abrams fashion), and all we want is just a little expansion on the events that happened, and maybe a little back story on the monster itself . MGP deserves better than that. It deserves it’s place in the monster movies ranks, and it’s impossible to do this if nobody has a clue about what it is, where it came from, and what it can do or has already done to civilization. Please don’t leave us hanging.
    K1InkNIron AT yawHew dawt commm
    Get at me. Wether it’s old friends, or Mr. Abrams himself. Somebody gimme some answers. Somebody throw us a frikkin bone here.
    K1Ng5p4d3 a.k.a. K1.

  • K1Ng5p4d3

    Give us closure. All of us who did the legwork over at cloverfield clues and all the other forums, we deserve some answers and explanation on how everything ties together.
    C’mon JJ. Don’t be a doosh.
    K1Ng5p4d3 aka K1 aka Russell King.

    • Fred

      You really need to be spoon fed everything? You’ve got an imagination, use it.

    • Fred

      You really need to be spoon fed everything? You’ve got an imagination, use it.

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