First Images, Promo Poster, and Synopsis for the Surfing Drama DRIFT Starring Sam Worthington

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From AFM, we have the first images, poster, and synopsis for the surfing drama Drift.  Set in 1970s Austrailia, Drift centers on two brothers (Xavier Samuel and Myles Pollard) who launch a surf gear business, selling merchandise out of the back of their van.  For me, the main takeaway is the scruffy beard and shaggy hair cut sported by the normally clean-cut Sam Worthington, playing a surf photographer and filmmaker who travels with his a gorgeous Hawaiian surfer (Lesley-Ann Brandt)

Ben Nott and Morgan O’Neill directed Drift.  See the images, poster, and synopsis after the jump.




drift-movie-image-Sam Worthington



Official synopsis:

Set in breathtaking locations and inspired by the true story of Australia’s legendary surfwear moguls, the film chronicles the rise of the world’s premiere action sport and the expansion of the laidback surf attitude as a global lifestyle.  A story of passion and corruption, friendship and loyalty, deadly addictions and fractured relationship.

Australia, 1970′s.  The Kelly brothers, Andy (28) and Jimmy (22), have one great passion: riding big waves.  As kids, their mother escaped from Sydney to Margaret River, a sleepy coastal town with some of the world’s most challenging and dangerous waves.  For the next 12 years, the boys perfected their surfing skills, always searching for the perfect ride.  Free-spirited Jimmy is a gited surfer and innovator but he starts to slip toward a life of crime to help the family out of debt.  Andy makes a big decision.  Quitting a stable job, he bets on Jimmy’s surf inventions and his own business skills and launches a backyard surf gear business.  They rethink board design, craft homemad wetsuits and sell ther merchandise out of their van.  After they get mixed up with a local drug dealer, it looks like everything they built up, will be ruined…

Encouraged by their new friends, travelling bohemian surf photographer and filmmaker JB (Sam Worthington) and his gorgeous Hawaiin surfer companion, Lani, who stirs the two brothers’ hearts, they start to seek ways to expand.

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  • Maggie

    I prefer re-watch Point Break starring keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze beore this.

    • David

      What? Point Break is about bank robbers who happen to surf. Drift is clearly about surfers. Period. Not a great comparison.

  • Alex–

    It’s the story of the start Australia’s and probably the worlds first surf business, not sure which. Could be Ripcurl, Oneal, Globe, Billabong, Quicksilver.

  • Naomi

    I worked on this, and I can tell you it is nothing like Point Break…
    It is an amalgamation of the stories of companies like Billabong and Quiksilver, from guys making stuff for themselves in their back sheds, to some of the worlds most successful lifestyle marketing companies….

    Drift is both a great surf action film, and also a great story about the people behind the development of surfing from a recreational pastime into a cultural phenomenon.

    Shot by the cinematographer who filmed the recently acclaimed “Red Dog”, it also looks fantastic on screen. And if you like watching the surfing, believe me, in Western Australia we have some of the best and most consistent surf in the world, and we certainly had plenty of huge days during the making of this film. The surfers in this are amazing, even the ten year old!!!

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  • ck

    RIGHT ON !!

  • Jacob

    Where abouts can i watch this movie? Is it showing at Bunbury cinemas? And where and which beach was it filmed at?

  • CG

    Just saw it at the Hamptons Film Festival in Montauk. It was great! Supposed to open widely in spring of 2013 I believe.

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