DRIVE Author James Sallis Comments on Sequel, DRIVEN

     June 1, 2012


Regular readers of our site know that we all loved Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive and would jump at the chance to see the director  return with star Ryan Gosling for a possible sequel.  The original centered on an LA stunt driver who moonlighted as a wheelman for criminals.  Now that the second book from Drive author, James Sallis, has been out on the shelves for a couple of months, he’s been kind enough to give some updates on the sequel’s progress.  Driven, the follow-up to the sure-to-be cult classic, is admittedly in the earliest of stages of development.  The good thing is that the plot of the sequel takes place seven years after the original, which would hopefully be more than enough time to get a second film off the ground (the first took six years all told).  Hit the jump to see what Sallis had to say about Gosling, writing the sequel and more on Driven.

There are clearly drive-sequel-driven-book-coverSPOILERS ahead for those who haven’t seen the original film or read the book; there are even MORE SPOILERS regarding the sequel, so turn back now if that bothers you.  In an interview with The Independent (via The Playlist), Sallis commented on both Driven the book and the possible movie.  The sequel picks up seven years after Drive with the Driver having left his old life behind him, become a legitimate businessman and even landed himself a fiancee.  His past quickly comes back to haunt him when he and his fiancee are viciously attacked, resulting in her death.  On Driver’s mentality in the sequel, Sallis says:

“He is trying to suppress the violence – but the sequel shows the process of him accepting that this is who he is. He tries to become a normal person and re-invents himself. After his fiancée is killed, the violence is unleashed again.”

Sallis has even more insight on Gosling’s portrayal of the subdued, and at times explosively violent Driver:

“It was difficult not to visualise Ryan Gosling playing the role when I wrote the sequel,” admits Sallis. “I think he really made the character his own. Of course, they made changes in the script – but it has the blood, heart and guts of the book – it feels like my film.”

ryan-gosling-drive-2-sequelThe character of the Driver was something Sallis called a “blank slate,” saying:

“He is someone who doesn’t really have much personality. You never really know him or his motives, however much backstory I give. In the film, Ryan Gosling’s long looks with no expression on his face sums this state up perfectly.”

Sallis also said that the powers that be “love the book,” which is a bit thin but will hopefully lead to bigger things.  Refn said he wouldn’t rule out directing a sequel and he’s quite comfortable working with Gosling.  The duo is currently collaborating on Only God Forgives. For now, we’ll just have to wait for some more concrete news as to whether Driven is moving forward.  Until then, keep the soundtrack going.

Here’s the horrendously SPOILERY book description for Driven (via Amazon):

Seven years have passed. Driver has left the old life, become Paul West, and founded a successful business back in Phoenix. Walking down the street one day, he and his fiancee are attacked by two men and, while Driver dispatches both, his fiancee is killed. Sinking back into anonymity, aided by his friend Felix, an ex-gangbanger and Desert Storm vet, Driver retreats, but finds that his past stalks him and will not stop. He has to turn and face it.


  • Strong Enough

    Yea Driver is sort of functioning psychopath in the movie. All alone in the room by himself just working on some car part,

    the atmosphere really added to the insanity of it all

    • derek

      Not true. In the movie, he helps out the mom and obviously feels for her. He’s stoic, but he’s no psychopath. There’s nothing insane about working on a car part alone. You’re the one who sounds mental.

      • josh

        Did you SEE what he did to that dude’s head in the elevator? He might be a LITTLE psychotic, right? The movie definitely is exploring the idea he’s not quite right.

      • derek


        No, the movie makes him the hero. He definitely has a dark side, but psychotic people can’t tell right from wrong. Driver only beats on the baddies. He’s like Dexter but Dexter is way worse.

      • derek

        If you saw Watchmen, he’s also like Rorschach.

  • t

    Dug the book and the movie a whole lot so this is awesome news. The book is much more graphic and violent and the synopsis makes Driven sound balls out too. Going to read that asap.

  • Nomis1700

    I guess the third will be……. Drove.

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  • Daath

    just keep the soundtrack…please

  • pewter tea set

    hopefully they can pull it off but i cant help feeling drive shiuld be a stand alone film… also it seems a bit forced and unbelievable that an event such as drivens storyline tells would happen to the driver. it will be better if its related to the goons he killed in drive though.


    Drive,Driven and Drove not a bad idea.

  • AwkwardSilence

    Drive?! More like Stare. I can’t believe you guys liked that corny, pretentious movie. Ryan Gosling was a joke. My wife and I couldn’t stop laughing at his long, awkward silences where he just mopes around with other mopes. Seriously, it was bad. And, all the cliches. The love interest with the heart of gold and the crappy boyfriend (who, of course, dies so it frees her up to be with the “hero”). The scrappy father figure who’s had a run of bad luck, but he and the kid have one shot to make it into the “bigs” (but, of course, the bad luck continues to follow him). And, my God, the STARING. The never ending string of Ryan Gosling staring at things, with his oh-so-cool toothpick. Snooze.

    • Daath

      it’s a scientific proven fact that chewing toothpicks makes you cool, so why the hate?

      • chris cerna

        yeah, i agree. considering the movie was called “drive”, i was expecting a lot more driving, and a lot more action. the movie should have been called “the guy who used to drive”.

        the best part of the movie was the opening scene, the only part of the movie his driving skills are shown. the movie had potential to be something great, but was a let down.

    • Nate

      Couldn’t agree more. This movie was hipster euphoria, but as one of the rest of us who hasn’t caught up to cool yet I personally found it ridiculous. It’s damn near two hours of Gosling and Mulligan eyeball f@#*ing each other.

      • BOSS

        Movie was more than awesome …. its one of the best pieces of art I have ever seen now you don’t know art CAUSE YOU SUCK BALLS hahahahahaha but thats your problem jerk its not our elite taste in films that you insult its just your SUCKING BALLS is anoying to see out in public go get SOME CHARACTER DEPTH balls succker (OH YEAH OWNED YOUR ASS PWNED YEAH YOU MY BITCH NOW )

    • derek

      I’m sure other boring people with no depth to their character agree with you. I bet you’re bland surburban folk that enjoy inane small talk.

      • Nate

        I’m sorry precious, did you get your elite taste in film insulted? Just that lack of depth from our collective character, I’m sure.

        Why don’t you try curtailing that Captain Angry Virgin attitude and cheer up. Dick.

      • Nate

        Derek, even for a comment on a movie website article, that was extraordinarily pretentious. So yeah, good on ya’ there Captain Angry Virgin.

  • Marlboroliteman

    Drive, Driven, Drove, then Dug.

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  • Lo Sa

    Would love to see a sequel to Drive, but I think the story should pick up where it ended. Driver on the run from the police. Also hope Carey Mulligan will be in it. Such an unconventional love story refreshingly un-cliché. One of the best movies I had seen in along time.

  • Grayden

    I see some Neanderthals still inhabit the human race. The title “Drive” is a double entendre. It reflects both the profession of the Driver, and his impulses, what literally drives him. Seeing a young women with a child getting caught up in her “husband/boyfriends” criminal past doesn’t sit well with him. It pushes him to do terribly, violent things yes. But that’s what base instincts are for. Self-preservation and the preservation of those things we hold most dear. Doesn’t make the Driver a psychopath; ultimately, it makes him human.

    • MR.Rich316

      Hey now, psychopaths are humans too…

      • derek

        No they only look human, they behave more like amoral animals.

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  • mdfaraone

    Drive was the most pretensious, overhyped, hipster, “I’m so cool and artsy” , craptastic crapfest of the last 5 years. Wow, let’s have a retro 80s look to a movie set in modern times, fill it with 60 minutes of senseless staring or “deep contemplation” as only the “cool ” people can understand, with a lead character whose motives make no sense ( because once again, it’s very “deep” to risk your life for some slut down the hall who had a kid with some loser, god knows the world isn’t full of them), oh and let’s not forget the horrendously bad soundtrack that was supposed to be “cool” and artsy as well. I also assumed he died at the end after getting a major stab wound to the gut and letting it bleed out while sitting in his car doing some more staring and contemplation.

    • Tombie

      Haw, bawbag. You are talking carp. Your opinions are rank, and you sound as though your taste in movies is up your anus. Be quiet.

  • d

    Everyone should shut the fuck up about how hipster is. They did the movie how they wanted it to be. Obviously some people won’t like it. And if you don’t then why would you take the time to talk trash about it? Nothings going to Come of it. Oh wait you got your satisfaction! You criticized a movie! Good job, you Did the easiest thing found the flaws in something. I liked the movie and that’s why I went on this to see some news about a sequel. And then some people took the time out of their shit lives to look this up and comment about the staring. You people are the real assholes.

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