Nicolas Winding Refn Puts the Brakes on a DRIVE Sequel, But The Driver May Return to the Screen

     October 9, 2012


Even though bookshelves currently feature the sequel to James Sallis’ novel Drive, on which Nicolas Winding Refn’s 2011 cult film was based, the director has no plans to adapt it.  We previously brought you the author’s thoughts on an adaptation of Driven; that film may still go ahead, just not with Refn and star Ryan Gosling attached.  However, Refn commented on the fact that even though a Drive sequel is out of the question, the character of The Driver may yet appear again on screen.  Hit the jump to get this sorted out.

Nicolas-Winding-Refn-Drive-movie-imageVia The Playlist, Refn recently spoke to The Evening Standard about the progress on the Driven adaptation, in blunt fashion:

“That is never going to happen. But the character of The Driver might return in another film. We’re playing with that idea. We’ll see what happens.”

So unless Sallis has given his blessing or Refn has purchased the rights to the character, it looks like we could see The Driver in a Drive spin-off of sorts.  This is just speculation, but perhaps Refn didn’t want to get slapped with a “franchise director” tag or maybe Sallis’ follow-up simply didn’t work for him. We’ll keep an eye out for more on the Drive sequel/spin-off.

In related news, Refn is preparing to release his next film, Only God Forgives, which stars Gosling as a man living in exile in Bangkok after killing a cop. He manages a Thai boxing club as a front for a drugs operation and finds his peaceful coexistence upended after his brother is killed for murdering a prostitute. The boys’ mother arrives in Bangkok to collect her son’s body and instructs Gosling to take revenge and “raise hell.”

Gosling, meanwhile, will be making his directorial debut in How to Catch a Monster, with Drive co-star, Christina Hendricks.  When asked if he’d offered any words of advice to Gosling on sitting in the director’s chair, Refn responded:

“We have spoken about it, and of course I will give him advice if he wants me to. I told him if he wakes up in sweats at 5am on the morning of shooting to call me.”


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  • RocknRollerER

    They should just put The Driver, The Pusher, and Bronson in one big Avengers style crossover film.

    • BobLoblaw

      With One-Eye as the villain lol

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  • Jeff

    If Gosling and Refn aren’t involved in a Drive sequel, the studios shouldn’t bother.

  • DriveSlowly

    Drive was one of the most overrated films of last year. The acting was all, very much, ‘ACTING!’; not a real character in the bunch. The cliches came fast and furious: Driver is meticulous & brooding, works for down on his luck father figure, meets cute with beautiful neighbor in bad relationship, mob screws them over, neighbor’s bad boyfriend conveniently dies to make room for boring Driver. Add cheesy, pseudo-80′s soundtrack. Lots of boring, brooding staring. Lots of non-conversations. Lots of corny ACTING! It was just a boring, pseudo artsy Transporter rip-off; with none of the action. We laughed non-stop at Gosling’s stupid brood and toothpick routine. If they get a decent director, maybe the sequel can make up for all the original films egregious mistakes.

    • AManWithAKilt

      You missed the whole subtext of the movie. Everything about “Drive” that you pointed out as being cliche was in service to a specific point. Calling it a Transporter rip-off just makes you sound all the more ignorant. Check out this little action star from back in the day called Steve McQueen, you might learn something.

    • S

      I found the film entertaining, but definitely agree that it was way over-hyped. It wasn’t one of the best films of the year or anything that substantial. It was just, a simple, indy, genre flick. The big innovation was using a soundtrack that could have been from a mid-eighties film starring Richard Gere, while taking place in present day. I didn’t mind the acting, as I took it for the exploitation film it was, not an Oscar contender. The talk of how amazing it was is what made the whole thing seem a bit ridiculous. The “emperors new clothes” effect is strong among today’s audiences.

  • greg

    UP YOURS DriveSlowly! So I wonder what’s your idea of a ‘great’ film? You sound like another frustrated wannabe film critic. Get a life!

    • brNdon

      Well it just goes t show that he at least has an idea of how to express his thoughts on a film. You, on the other hand, can only yell like a three-year-old. Why don’t you give a well thought out opinion on why you think the movie is so great?

  • (anonymous)

    Let’s all bicker like children…

  • JB

    I think Drive was the best movie of 2011, and I think it will become one of my favorite movies. The plot was ever so sad, and it had not hollywood happy ending, that is not cliche, although it was happy that Irene and Benicio were safe, they didn’t stayed together at the end. Personally, I think it ended well, cuz Driver, being the hero he was, his consequences for being a getaway driver was not being with Irene, and Irene’s consequences for playing with Driver and running back to Standard as soon as he came out was not being with him. The film does hold a capability to have a sequel because of the way it ended, like, where is the Driver headed now? The acting was amazing, Ryan could portray a well done shy guy, and Carey at times could look agitated in the way way to get like that when you see your crush. Now, the only way a sequel could work is, being a bit based on the Driven book, and to not be the same movie, of course, is that Driver is now open, can tell us his name, is happily married and is a NASCAR racer, as they wanted him to be on Drive. Somehow he has a cult fan base, and an envious competitor, which kills his wife and thus Driver gets violent again. This counterpart villain should have his own jacket, and should make Driver’s life miserable, and i don’t know, maybe one day Irene took Benicio to one of Driver’s race, and somehow knows he’s being tortured or whatever, and this time Irene can be the one who saves him, leaving them even, and maybe leaving an open ending for a possibility for them to stay together. She lost Standard, Driver his wife, etc., boh get saved, yada yada, and the villain of course, dead. Oh, and it should have a killer soundtrack too, like the movie has. That was me imagining a sequel, if it’s lame, don’t hate.