Mondo Tackles DUCKTALES With New Posters by JJ Harrison, Phantom City Creative, DKNG, and Anne Benjamin

     August 27, 2013


And the next property that the good folks at Mondo are tackling is…DuckTales!  Yes indeed, the 90s-favorite animated series is getting the Mondo treatment by way of six excellent posters by JJ Harrison, Anne Benjamin, Phantom City Creative, and DKNG featuring everyone’s favorite inhabitants of Duckburg.  The posters will be available to purchase on Wednesday, August 28th, and are being released in concert with Capcom and Disney’s upcoming video game DuckTales: Remastered, which is a wonderful upgrade of the original NES game.

Hit the jump to get a look at the posters, and good luck getting the theme song out of your head for the rest of the day.  As always, follow Mondo on Twitter for onsale info, as the posters will be available to purchase at a random time on August 28th.

“DuckTales” by JJ Harrison


Edition of 240



“Nephews” by Anne Benjamin


Edition of 160



“Magica De Spell” by Phantom City Creative


Edition of 140



“Magica De Spell” Variant by Phantom City Creative


Edition of 75



“Scrooge” by DKNG


Edition of 190



“Scrooge” Variant by DKNG


Edition of 100



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  • Marissa Evans

    Oh my God, I nearly had a heart attack there. For a split second I thought this was going to be adapted into a film, or rebooted, or something. (Just so long as Michael Bay keeps his hands off, I’d be good.)
    Haha, now that my heart rate’s back to normal…great posters!

    • Doug_101

      I’d love it if Disney did another animated Duck Tales film. That cartoon was fantastic.

  • Nick

    Nowadays not the time to channel Scrooge mcduck

    • Nick

      Now is*

  • Sweet Pea

    Life is like a hurricane…

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