Duncan Jones Gets Off the MOON and Must Now ESCAPE FROM THE DEEP

     June 1, 2009

duncan_jones_escape_from_the_deep.jpgDuncan Jones is going from his great flick “Moon” (which opens next Friday) all the way to the ocean floor with “Escape from the Deep”.  Reading Variety’s synopsis already makes me excited for this flick:

Project is an adaptation of Alex Kershaw’s book about the real-life WW2 story of the U.S. Navy submarine USS Tang, which was hit by one of its own torpedoes and sunk to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The crew members then had to escape from their iron coffin while enemy depth charges were being dropped from above and swim 180 feet to the surface.

You had me a “USS Tang”.  I’m not exactly sure how one gets hit by their own torpedo (those things tend to go AWAY from the submarine and I don’t think they circle back because they don’t have homing beacons; you can trust my non-existent expertise on World War II underwater weaponry).  But it sounds like a tense script and I’m always on board for submarine movies (those movies are tense even when nothing is happening because no matter the circumstances, it’s always a group of guys about five seconds from drowning because they’re in a tiny pipe miles beneath the ocean surface).

I think this is a great project for Jones because he’ll probably have an expanded budget but the emotional tension he was able to get out of “Moon” will translate really well to a bunch of guys having depth charges dropped on them every thirty seconds.  Of course, I really want to see the following epilogue in the film:

Admiral: It’s good to know you got out alive.  Your country thanks you for your dedication and bravery.  Out of curiosity, how did the ship go down?

Captain:  Ummm…funny story.  You know torpedos?  Well, one of ours kind of, well, um, hit us.

Admiral:  But I thought they go AWAY from the ship!  Non-existent experts will attest to this in the future!

Cue wacky music and roll credits.

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