MOON Director Duncan Jones Exits Ian Fleming Biopic

     November 24, 2013


Last year it was announced that Moon director Duncan Jones was set to direct a biopic of James Bond creator Ian Fleming, with production slated to begin in late 2012.  Obviously that never occurred, and in the meantime Jones replaced Sam Raimi as the director of Legendary’s large scale video game adaptation Warcraft.  Word on the Fleming biopic has been mum, and now The Wrap officially reports that Jones has unfortunately exited the promising project.  Filming on Warcraft begins in January, and though Jones was still keen on getting to the Fleming biopic sooner or later, apparently the producers were unwilling to wait two years until Jones completes Warcraft and is able to move on to another film.

The search is now on for a replacement director on Fleming who can begin casting early next year for a hoped-for 2014 production start-date.  The author worked in the espionage world during WWII before creating the famous spy character, so his life story is certainly one that lends itself easily to feature film adaptation.

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  • Jay

    I could absolutely see Steven Spielberg come in and direct an Ian Flemming biopic. He stated many times that he wanted to make a James Bond movie, but probably never will. (Also the Ian Flemming/James Bond stuff he put in Catch Me If You Can) seems to be right up his alley

  • The Flobbit

    What’s happened to that Dominic Cooper biopic of Fleming?

  • stylus59

    get Matthew Vaughn in. his recent projects reveal his inner Bond fan

    • Jim

      I came to the comments section to say the exact same thing.

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  • Laura

    I liked his first 2 movies, esp Moon, which was a masterpiece. I find James Bond movies beyond boring and can not really imagine what would be so great about a biopic of the creator of those movies.

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  • mattinacan

    it’s too bad he gave up something interesting like this for a silly warcraft movie, but Duncan is extremely talented so i’d trust his judgement.