MOON Director Duncan Jones to Helm WORLD OF WARCRAFT Movie; 2015 Release Date Eyed [Update: Johnny Depp Rumored for Lead]

     January 30, 2013


A major development is taking place on the long-in-the-works feature film adaptation of the popular video game World of Warcraft.  The project has been in the works for a number of years, with Sam Raimi attached to direct for quite some time.  Raimi finally dropped off last summer so that he could focus full-time on Oz the Great and Powerful, and Legendary Pictures subsequently brought on screenwriter Charles Leavitt (Blood Diamond) to rewrite the screenplay, which was initially penned by Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan).  Now the studio is getting serious about making the movie happen, as Moon and Source Code director Duncan Jones has been tapped to take the helm for a planned fall 2013 production start.  Hit the jump for more.

[Update: The Tracking Board [via Bleeding Cool] hears that Warner Bros. wants Johnny Depp to star.  Tracking boards are not the most reliable source, so treat this as a rumor for now as you note that Depp’s name is being mentioned in certain circles that chase such insider info.  More official casting reports should arrive soon.]

duncan-jones-world-of-warcraftPer Heat Vision, Jones is signing on to bring one of the most popular video games of all time to the big screen.  This is good news for a number of reasons.  Firstly, if you follow Jones on Twitter you know that he is very much a gamer.  This means we’ll have someone who understands the gaming world crafting the feature film iteration of World of Warcraft.  Secondly, and most importantly, Jones is one hell of a filmmaker.  Moon is an enthralling piece of sci-fi, and Source Code is an engaging and smart thriller.  He’s got an incredibly inventive eye and I’m very excited to see how he handles large-scale fantasy.

In addition to directing, Jones wrote both of his previous projects, so one assumes he’ll at least have a hand in the screenplay for World of Warcraft.  He won’t have a ton of time to prep, though, because apparently producers Thomas Tull and Jon Jashni are eyeing a fall 2013 start date in order to make a hoped-for 2015 release date.  Yes, if all goes according to plan World of Warcraft may join the bounty of other ginormous movies (The Avengers 2, Ant-Man, Pirates 5, maybe Star Wars 7 and Justice League) that are scheduled to be released 2015.

The script is being kept under wraps, and with the endless opportunites offered in the video game, we really have no idea what World of Warcraft will be about.  We do know that this will have a budget north of $100, which marks a major step up for Jones whose previous films cost $1 million and $35 million, respectively.  He was also attached to direct a biopic of James Bond creator Ian Fleming, but it appears that this tentpole will be taking priority (obviously).  Jones’ producing partner Stuart Fenegan will executive produce through their Liberty Films banner, and Charles Roven and Alex Gartner will also produce the film.  Getting Jones onboard is a great start, so here’s hoping World of Warcraft will be worth the long wait.

Update: Jones has taken to Twitter with a rather appropriate response to the news, seeing how there exists not one genuinely good game-to-film adaptation:



  • Brett


  • scottishpunk

    Oh shit, let the nerdgasm begin!

  • Carlos

    I wish he had gotten the Star Wars gig

  • Brenno

    For year i’ve watched the cgi cinematics released with each game, and for years i’ve been mystified that a feature film has been put on the back burner. Now at last some movement, and it is some good movement!

  • tosh

    hmmm, i love his work, and know he is a card carrying nerd, but i’ll be extremely impressed to see him pull something that matches the depth of moon or source code from the world of warcraft material. But if anyone can do it…. it’s him.

  • jonathan nolan

    Duncan Jones > Chris Nolan

    • Bruce LeeRoy

      Waaaaaaaaaaaaah BACK FIST AND A KICK!

    • ap30

      Duncan Jones # of films: 2
      Chris Nolan # of films: 8

      A big Lumbergh “yeahhhhhhh” to that my friend. Nice try though.

    • Deadpool

      Both are awesome directors… why compare them?

      If you had said: Jones > Raimi your comment might have made sense considering he was originally attached to this.

    • TheTruthoftheMatter

      As it stands, Duncan Jones and Rian Johnson simply don’t have the chops to pull off big budget high concept movies. Source Code and Looper were the most bland and nonsensical sci-fi movies in quite some time. Duncan at least proved he’s more effective with a lower budget (Moon), whereas Rian can’t even get that right.

      • ap30

        Dude Looper was tits and beer whatchutalkinbout

      • Steve

        Nonsensical? I had no difficulty following Looper or Source Code and found them to be intelligent, character-driven sci-fi films. Maybe they were just over your head.

      • TheTruthoftheMatter

        Looper establishes that there’s only one congruent timeline as what happens in the past timeline directly effects what happens in the future timeline. E.G. young Joe kills himself and old Joe vanishes from existence. Meaning old Joe never went back in time and thus everything that happened on that farm never took place. Yet we clearly see at the end of the movie that everything did indeed take place. Rian has tried to make excuses for this in interviews, but it’s clear there’s no logical answer.

        Source Code on the other hand deals with alternate realities, but it’s done in such an absurd fashion that it can’t even live within the broad suspension of disbelief limits allotted to sci-fi movies. It’s more of a really bland fantasy flick.

        It’s best you don’t truly think about the logic or rather lack thereof in these movies if you want to enjoy them as you do Steve. Perhaps logic just isn’t your thing.

    • TwoCentsTooMuch

      Don’t know why everyone is fighting; all I see is a list of some damn fine filmmakers.

  • Alex

    Go back and read the original source. Nowhere does it say World of Warcraft, merely Warcraft.

    Shame on you for bad reporting.

    • Deadpool

      Very true. He is Directing WARCRAFT. Not WoW…. Collider, you so silly.

  • Bruce LeeRoy

    Nolan nut cuffing is in full effect! How are these two alike in anyway? LMMFAO I thought nerds are suppose to be smarter than average brains such as mine(sarcastically speaking)! I know for a fact when more news comes out and it’s not up to par with your standards you will label him a hack! You’ll just choose a different name to hide your pain!- Sincerely Bruce LeeRoy

  • Anonymous

    Johnny Depp to play LEEEEEEROY JENKIIINNS!

    • Tom young

      Can we see Johnny Depp in the WOW movie?

  • Strong Enough

    how are they going to shoot this? what is the main story of WOW?

  • Chris

    Moon is one of my favourite movies, Sam Rockwell was amazing in it, Duncan J did a great job with Source Code as well. If he could have gotten a better lead actor than Gyllenhaal it would have even been better. I am not so convinced about Depp as a great character actor. He will give his standard lame and lazy performance and thats it, I hope Jones can get somebody more interesting.

    • tom

      the fact that they want Depp for this leads me to believe that WB is trying to make this like Pirates of the Caribbean

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  • Matt

    Good, because there are no other noteworthy movies coming out in 2015.

    • Truthsayer

      It’s so hard to tell sarcasm on the internet, not being able to hear the tone of a comment but I’m going to ammume that you’re joking.

  • Anonymous

    It is sad that the studios did not give such an awesomely talented director green light AND free hand on his MUTE project.
    Instead he has to do contract work.
    Even “Source Code” wasn’t his baby really though it turned out brilliant as well!

    Sad “mass commercialism play safe” times!

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  • Anonymous

    Are any yognauts screaming at this?

  • Andrew from Troy

    Jones did not write Source Code. Also, his previous films cost $5 million and $32 million. Just some simple research and fact-checking would be nice.

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  • 88

    There are millions of world of warcraft fans, players. If this movie gets released, it will be purchased by many fans and if it does go to the cinema many players would definetly go to watch this movie.

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