Warner Bros. to Develop New DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Movie

     May 7, 2013


While the current slate of blockbuster movies seem to be all superheroes and sci-fi, Warner Bros. is looking to reboot one of the bastions of swords-and-sorcery stories.  The studio is looking to develop a feature film franchise based on the long-running fantasy role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons.  ”But wait,” you say, “didn’t someone already try that with the horrendous 2000 movie by the same name?”  Why yes they did!  Thirteen years is apparently enough of a cooling-off period to warrant another try.  It looks like the picture is already fairly far along the road to development thanks to a reworking of an existing script.  Hit the jump for more.

dungeons-and-dragonsDeadline reports that WB is keen on restarting the Dungeons & Dragons film franchise and will attempt to do it with a reworked script from screenwriter David Leslie Johnson (Wrath of the Titans).  Johnson’s script for a movie titled Chainmail was based on an earlier version of the RPG from D&D developer Gary Gygax.  The story is being beefed up in order to fit a larger world and make a fitting start to a hopeful franchise.  Producing the picture will be Roy Lee (The Lego Movie) and Courtney Solomon, who produced the 2000 flop, Dungeons & Dragons.  Allan Zeman – also of Dungeons & Dragons … seeing a pattern here? - will serve as executive producer.  If at first you don’t succeed, repeat the exact same steps and hope for something different.  There’s a definition of insanity in here somewhere…

According to the write-up, the studio is taking the script to filmmakers and is treating it as a big priority with the intention of introducing a whole new generation to D&D.

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  • Grayden

    “Thirteen years is apparently enough of a cooling-off period to warrant another try.”

    No, no it isn’t. I still remember than steaming pile of celluloid quite vividly.

  • Underverse

    Vin Diesel!!

  • DREDD 2

    To me, Dungeons and Dragons was always that awesome 80s cartoon! That needs to be a movie franchise all of its own. Some creepy episodes in that too, ie evil Dungeon master, and some of those beasts. Venger and Tearmat were great too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/melwing17 Joshua Carr

    Firstly, how awesome and fitting that this was posted at 4:20. :)

    Those guys in the picture are most assuredly NOT playing D&D. Is the author familiar? Movie news sites lately- can’t read one article without a video that “can’t be found”, mass grammar/spelling errors (“Isla Nubular”), or mis-used google image results like this one. (To fend any argument off: i know a lot of people use minis for D&D, but if these guys are, then it is the most epic 1v1 D&D Tournament ever, and there hasn’t been one of those. Not the dice or minis (or playfield) for the D&D branded minis game, either.)

    I know this is horribly negative of me, but I have read all the major movie news sites for roughly 8 years, several times daily, and only in about the past year has this become the status quo. Not a huuuuge deal, but just akin to writing an article about Pictionary, yet adding a picture of Monopoly :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/melwing17 Joshua Carr

      Just letting my positive-minded negativity flow to hopefully spark some small improvements to my favorite movie news site. ;)

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