Duplass Brothers to Write and Direct New Comedy JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME

     January 18, 2010


Movieweb reports that Jay and Mark Duplass, the men who brought you the indie laughers Baghead and The Puffy Chair, are set to write and direct another comedy called Jeff Who Lives at Home. In the words of Mark Duplass: “It’s our take on a quest movie. It’s like a Sword in the Stone movie. But it’s starring a stoner who is looking for wood glue.”

Sold! No word yet on who will play the lead, though Duplass indicates that they’re in the final stages of locking someone down. All we can say for certain at this point is that whoever it ends up being will, at best, be competing for runner-up on the all-time cinematic stoner list behind the insurmountable #1: James Franco as Saul in Pineapple Express. Unless, of course, it actually turns out to be Franco, which would be…just swell.

Jeff Who Lives at Home is the Duplass’ second studio picture and will be produced by Jason Reitman (Juno, Up in the Air). It’ll start shooting in the spring with sights set on an early 2011 release. Hit the jump for more from Mark Duplass on what you can expect from the film.

Says Duplass:

“We are always going to mess with genre and use it to our favor. I can’t say too much, because my press team will maul me. Jason Reitman is producing for us. We are shooting in the spring. This is the movie we were born to make. We are more than ready to jump into this one.”

After cutting their teeth on indies, the Duplass brothers just recently made the jump to studio films with the upcoming Fox Searchlight flick Cyrus, a comedy about “a love triangle between a man, his girlfriend, and her son,” starring John C. Reilly, Jonah Hill, and Marisa Tomei. It’s great to see them moving up in the world; in addition to being funny, their movies are always hailed as interesting and original. Hopefully, they’ll manage to carve out a lasting niche for themselves making studio pics.”


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