DVD and Blu-ray Deals: Up to 75% Off

     December 24, 2010

While Amazon typically has great prices on most of their DVDs and Blu-rays, they constantly lower the prices of select items.  Sometimes the prices are lowered for a few hours, and other times it’s for the week.  That’s why we constantly post DVD and Blu-ray deals, as the prices change all the time.  Anyway, looking over Amazon today, I found a number of new DVD and Blu-rays for up to 70% off.  Some great deals on the first six items.

Here’s a few other deals today on Amazon. Up first are the DVDs:

Hit the jump for the other Blu-ray Deals:


  • TrickleMeDownElmo

    Are you guys getting a kickback from Amazon or something? The vast majority of your readers are either unemployed, broke, or download their movies from Netflix (or probably a BitTorrent site). Who the heck is going to pay $70 or whatever for the complete season of “The Wire?” That’s money better spent investing or saving for a rainy day. Stop with the consumerism already!

    • chuck norris

      just..just shut the hell up. you’re being an ass when they’re just trying to help people find good deals. thanks collider.