September 19, 2012


Today, Amazon has a Gold Box deal for Doctor Who: The David Tennant Years for $69.99, which is 50% off the retail price.  Here’s Amazon’s description:

In this massive 26-disc collection, the BBC brings together the complete David Tennant Years as the 10th Doctor in Doctor Who! David Tennant made his debut in 2005 in “The Christmas Invasion” and in the four years that followed, Doctor Who grew to new heights of popularity. This collection celebrates Tennant’s tenure by bringing together every David Tennant Doctor Who episode including The Complete Second Series (co-starring Billie Piper as Rose Tyler), The Complete Third Series (co-starring Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones) and The Complete Fourth Series (co-starring Catherine Tate as Donna Noble), all eight specials and two spin-off animated adventures, totaling over 38 hours of Doctor Who plus hours of extras. This is a must-own collection for the legion of devoted Doctor Who fans.

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  • Lizard King

    Read the amazon comments before you buy, folks. Most prior purchasers complained that although they love David Tennant’s Dr. Who, the packaging is so poorly constructed that it scratched most of their discs. Keep that in mind before you buy.

  • Frank

    I looked for the 69 deal, but ended up paying 150