Dwayne Johnson Will Be Playing Black Adam in Upcoming SHAZAM Film

     September 3, 2014


Last month Dwayne Johnson teased fans with an existential dilemma, should he play Shazam?  Or should he play Black Adam?  And now we know.  Johnson will be playing Black Adam in the upcoming DC Comics Shazam adaptation.

Warner Bros. is rumored to have tentatively scheduled a Shazam movie for 2016, which would be right after the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, so this could all tie into their (seemingly rushed) master plan to establish a wider cinematic universe.  Hit the jump for more on Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam.

Johnson tweeted out the following this morning:

dwayne-johnson-black-adamHere’s the official bio for Black Adam:

Long ago, the council of wizards—powerful beings that held dominion over all magic in the world—chose the warrior Black Adam as their champion, granting him vast magical powers and abilities. However, that power only further skewed Adam’s already maligned moral compass, and rather than use his newfound gifts to help others, he used it to dominate them.

Adam turned against the wizards and after a brutal battle was imprisoned for thousands of years. But now he is free once more, and his insatiable quest to conquer the world, to control all magic, continues. The only thing that stands in his way is Shazam!, the new champion of magic—and Black Adam will do anything in his power to destroy him and assert his position as the true ruler of the world.

Driven by a need to rule, incredibly arrogant and one of the most powerful beings on the planet, Black Adam lives by a simple creed: kneel at his feet or be crushed by his boot. [DC]

What do you think?  I can’t imagine too many complaints from DC fans given the charisma of The Rock.

Click here for what New Line president Toby Emmerich said about the tone of the Shazam movie and Black Adam’s antihero status.

Dwayne Johnson Black Adam Shazam

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  • mattinacan

    that is a much better choice for him. he is better as a villain.

    • Shazam

      Agreed. I’m just worried about who they have writing the script for this movie. I mean come on, the best they could find was the writer of Jack the Giant Slayer? Did they learn nothing from the shitty script in Man of Steel?

      • Slade

        STFU bitch Man of Steel was awesome

      • Slade touches himself at night

        Aww, another butthurt Man of Steel fanboy. Let me guess, you thought Transformers 4 and TMNT were awesome movies too? lol

      • eternalozzie

        Man Of Steel was a ok movie with a few minutes a very good dialog and acting … and feel free to keep your homophobia to yourself too

      • The Other

        awesome? really? cause I never saw any hint of this “awesome” in that movie. STFU DC dick rider

      • eternalozzie

        you really class up collider’s comment section with your 12 y/o name calling … there was actually about 15 minutes of very good cinema hidden in that movies between Kevin Costner and Dylan Sprayberry.

      • Jcool

        To be fair he was only a co-writer on Jack the Giant Slayer. Wasn’t just him writing that movie.

      • Guest

        True. And with a precious property like Superman, there is a ton of intervention by the executives. He wasn’t writing in a vacuum. That still doesn’t offer a lot of encouragement as executives have been wrong a lot too, but still. It’s hard to know where to allocate praise or blame with any studio movie.

      • Chris James Raven

        Don’t judge a book by its cover.

      • mattinacan

        true, MOS was very bad

  • MCP

    YES!! I was hoping it would be Black Adam. Really wanted him to play the bad guy again, after seeing him in Doom.

    • Mezmero

      That’s a movie that is the definition of solid action I didn’t exspect it to end like that. I would also want Karl Urban to get an offer as villian or hero in the DCCU!

      • Dan

        Karl Urban would be a pretty solid Shazam.

      • MCP

        Damn straight! Love the 1stPerson point of view at the end and yes DCCU needs the Urban. Many have said he would be good as Shazam, but if they ever add Martian Manhunter/ J’onn J’onzz to the lineup. Then he would be great, as he would knock the human detective story out of the park!!

      • Dan

        For a while, for some reason, I want Giancarlo Esposito to play Martian Manhunter.

      • Dan

        For a while, for some reason, I want Giancarlo Esposito to play Martian Manhunter.

  • Person

    Sweet, I was hoping he’d play Black Adam. Can’t wait to see Johnson in a villainous role.

  • JCubs79

    I’m not too familiar with Black Adam. Is he more of a villain or an anti-hero?

    • http://www.JustPressPlay.net Lex Walker

      Did the article above not make that incredibly obvious?

      Edit: Sorry, Johnson’s tweet makes it confusing. The blurb after that is what you should pay attention to.

      • JCubs79

        I’ve read different things about him on a couple sites. Some are saying he’s not a traditional villain.

      • http://www.JustPressPlay.net Lex Walker

        He wants to conquer and become incredibly powerful to help him conquer more. That’s basic villain stuff. He’s basically just a more fantastical Zod but with a basis in magic instead.

      • Michael Singer

        No really. In recent years he’s been characterized as more of an anti-hero, or at worst a sympathetic villain. Basically a guy with a strong sense of justice who WANTS to do good. It’s just that his sense of justice is like 5,000 years out of date and his willing to go much farther than the other heroes.

      • http://www.JustPressPlay.net Lex Walker

        Hmm, okay, after Wikipediaing it, I realize why I never picked up this run of the “new” Black Adam – I saw Goyer’s name on the cover.


    Cool! Now if we can get Patrick Warburton (aka theTick) to play SHAZAM! I’d be sold!
    He looks like most images of Captain Marvel.

    • fatboy35

      I think he’s too old now. Hamm for Shazam!

    • Colonel_Neville_Wraithchild

      warburton is already set to reprise his role as the tick… he looks to old for SHAZAM in my opinion though…

  • Christian

    I can’t imagine how they are going to tie this (power of the gods) into the “grounded” sci-fi approach they took with MOS. But hey, I’ll see anything with The Rock in it. I’ll probably be rooting for him to beat Shazam though.

    • Grayden

      If DC were smart they’d use him like Marvel used Thor to introduce the cosmic scope of their universe. I imagine Wonder Woman will also be similarly used to introduce the supernatural/magical aspects of the DC Universe.

  • Chris James Raven

    “Seemingly rushed” ? Are you working with WB ? And do you know their plans ?

    • Devin Reed

      Announcing a staggering NINE release dates when you only have one (mediocre) film under your belt comes across as exactly that — rushed. Until WB proves us wrong, they have a lot to prove. Period.

      • Chris James Raven

        WB had plenty of time to create plans for their DC Cinematic Universe when they announced Man Of Steel, and you think they didn’t plan one ? Guess again. Just because they don’t announce their plans for the DC Cinematic Universe, it doesn’t mean WB don’t have a plan. And also, you saying Batman V Superman is mediocre ? Well, two of the greatest superheroes in a movie, written by an Oscar writer and directed by one of the most greatest visual director of all time with an outstanding ensemble cast, yeah I would say it’s a mediocre film.

      • Gögi Gonzales

        he was talking about man of steel, you moron.


      • http://www.facebook.com/chrisstarscream Chris Starscream

        Their plan I to try to keep up with marvel…but first they have to catch up…and they are way behind on that

      • Michael Singer

        Yeah, because it’s not like Marvel has announced a bunch of release dates for unannounced films, oh wait they have. When Marvel does it, they’re ballsy geniuses. When WB does it, they’re jumping the gun, the double-standard is amusing.

      • http://www.facebook.com/chrisstarscream Chris Starscream

        Marvel has been growing a cinematic universe over years. DC/wb has a single running character…nothing to build on, as they are jumping into the whole things full force. No gradual introduction to any of the iconic characters, that concerns me. Im hoping for the best from them, but cautious. I do not simply say this about wb/DC…but also about fox and Sony. Everyone is trying to mimic marvel with the expanding universe, so spiderman has many spinoffs and such planned, fox has so many more mutant excursions planned, act. And again I feel those are rushed.

      • http://www.facebook.com/chrisstarscream Chris Starscream

        Marvel has been growing a cinematic universe over years. DC/wb has a single running character…nothing to build on, as they are jumping into the whole things full force. No gradual introduction to any of the iconic characters, that concerns me. Im hoping for the best from them, but cautious. I do not simply say this about wb/DC…but also about fox and Sony. Everyone is trying to mimic marvel with the expanding universe, so spiderman has many spinoffs and such planned, fox has so many more mutant excursions planned, act. And again I feel those are rushed.

      • Matt

        “Well, two of the greatest superheroes in a movie, written by an Oscar writer and directed by one of the most greatest visual director of all time with an outstanding ensemble cast, yeah I would say it’s a mediocre film.”

        I’ll sum up everything you said in two words: Wishful Thinking. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love for Snyder to deliver a great film…but you are off-base with your assessment (hope) for the film. Great characters, Oscar winning writer, “greatest visual director” (great visual director – sure) and outstanding ensemble is all on paper – it doesn’t mean a damn thing without a proven track record. If there’s one element to the filmmaking process that I could take comfort in, it would be who runs the show and it being Snyder – I…I just don’t know…

        I’m not sure where DC gave you confidence in what they’re planning but after watching the IHOP commercial-Costner tornado death-45 min of mindless destruction movie they call ‘Man of Steel’ – I’m certainly not holding my breath.

      • Mezmero

        Dude your opinion has no value to these idiots who think Dark Knight is the be all end all superhero movie. That’s why they bash Man Of Steel because not only did it save DC Films from total domination by Marvel and it gave new life for a JL movie plus new ones like Shazam,Wonder Women Ect. They can’t stand the fact it’s not what they want it to be. They are just bitching until they see the trailer and go ape shit and claim they liked always.

  • jax

    They have been developing this for years in one form or another. How is it “rushed”?

  • Kyle Chandler

    Darn. Really think he would have been much better as Captain Marvel (where he could actually use his great comedic skills), but what’re you going to do?

  • norsefire

    Marvel cant even launch another Hulk film but DC is making this piece of shite? What happened to the ‘grounded’ approach in the DC Universe? will moviegoers take in a film about magic? possibly with Batman and Supes in the future? FUCK THIS SHIT

    • Colonel_Neville_Wraithchild

      well, it’s not really magic, if you know what the word SHAZAM (achronym actually) stands for you’ll know that is more based in greek mithology

      • gph-artist

        The S in SHAZAM stands for Solomon; hardly Greek mythology. The wizard (magic) Shazam chooses Billy as his champion. As the root of Billy’s powers are tied to magic, both he and Black Adam present issues for Superman whose other weakness besides Kryptonite is magic. Magic plays huge in the Captain Marvel canon, both old and new.

      • Colonel_Neville_Wraithchild

        Ok, I’ll give you that; but honestly I don’t know what the problem is with magic, I mean, thor movies deal with the same theme and as they said, “magic is just science we don’t yet understand” so there you have it; it may seem silly to you because you don’t know how it will be handled just yet.

      • gph-artist

        Colonel, I was simply correcting your assertion that it isn’t “really magic.” I, for one, have no problem with DC basing it all around magic. Hell, that’s the charm of cinema and literature – getting us to accept the fantastic. DC’s already got an alien in their stable right out of the gate; magic is no less believable. However, outside of Superman in film, many superhero adaptations appear to forgo the alien or otherworldly nature or stories around their properties out of fear of alienating their target audience (e.g. – Phoenix in X-Men 3, the alien symbiote in Spider-Man 3). After two earth-based heroes in Iron Man and Hulk, Marvel had the daunting task of getting us to accept a pantheon of space-faring Vikings. I for one though they did a great job, and it allowed for an alien invasion in Avengers, and the fantastical Guardians of the Galaxy, and has paved the way for other odd source material like Doctor Strange. The greater concern is that DC’s handling of the magic and otherworldly be done right – the Captain Marvel source material may provide them a great means to do it.

    • Kyle Chandler

      You’re right, an alien that looks exactly like a human except for the fact that he has near god-like powers is totally believable but magic is just crazy-town!

  • Colonel_Neville_Wraithchild

    well, now the question is who’s going to be Shazam?

    • fatboy35


      • Colonel_Neville_Wraithchild

        nah, considering this movie as the starting point of at least a trilogy they’ll most certainly look for a new comer… also of consideration is that the actor they choose has to have if not the same a very similar body build as johnson…

  • Colonel_Neville_Wraithchild

    now that i think about it johnson’s black adam could end up being DCCU’s loki, he is actually a villain but everybody loves him anyway, even more than the actual hero…

  • World’s Finest Comments

    How is this film rushed? It’s still 2 years away…

  • http://www.collider.com/ DNAsplitter

    Awesome choice!

    Confused as to why this is considered “rushed”? Dwayne Johnson has been attached to this project since 2008 when Peter Segal was attached to direct it.

    WB’s has been trying to execute a DC universe w launching a JL movie first w spin offs coming after since George Miller attempted it in 2007. Granted Nolan’s running Batman franchise was still going on and the misfires of GL and Superman Returns didn’t help but they have still been actively trying to assemble a DCU since then and have hired several writers to come up w stories along the way. Maybe they are using a screenplay that was already written a few years back and just need to tweak it to fit into the current universe?

    Either way it’s just funny that a film that is “possibly” set to be released over two years away is considered rushed when a film like Ant-Man has its director fired two weeks before filming and had 3 major cast members replaced during filming – and is to be relased in less than a year.

    • Tommy Boy

      I think what he means by rushed, is that there is only one film so far in the universe, and everyone is pretty divided on it, but there are plans for 9 more films. BvS could very well bomb at the box office, and then their CU is dead. So yes, they are saying they are rushing it when they only have one film out right now.

  • Tommy Boy

    So charismatic, well developed, big star villain, and then a bland under developed newcomer hero? This doesn’t sound much like a hit, not sure why DC is pushing this so much when they should be making a Wonder Woman film, or a Flash film, or a proper Green Lantern film, or well any hero besides Shazam. Weird and obscure worked for Marvel with Guardians, not sure if DC will be able to pull it off.

    • http://www.collider.com/ DNAsplitter

      I agree. Really thought WB would have been making a Flash film following MOS or at least before a JL film is released.

  • bidi

    i’m actually pretty excited for this. Black Adam is a pretty badass villain. i like the idea that he could become the Loki of the DCCU. unless they can pull a rabbit out the hat i feel like this will be like Batman ’89 where the villain gets top billing

    • bidi

      also, i just had this thought. since Jason Momoa hasn’t officially been set as Aquaman, is it possible that Momoa is Shazam? probably not, but i don’t know who else would be as physically imposing as Johnson

      • Bifash

        I actually thought Momoa had to look to play Captain Marvel, but now he is supposed to be Aquaman

  • Faptain America

    This is awesome! This sucks! Man of Steel sucked! Edgar Wright!

  • Walt

    Now it’s time for the Shazam and Billy Batson casting! I would love to see Owain Yeoman from The Mentalist as Shazam.

  • Markt1257

    Who is good enough and silly enough to play shazam. Shazam is a kid with the powers of the Gods. So we know the Rock would have been the perfect fit. Know who else can pull that off . I’m stuck when it comes to an actor who is the caliber of actor and physic to be shazam. You might have to go know name for this one.

  • appolox

    Ohboyohboyohboyhohboy!!!!!!!! He was a goofy villain in Doom and a silly one in Get Smart, so it’s about time he gets a chance to play a REAL villain

  • Yurine

    i really wanted Shaq for this role.

  • Mike

    I love how WB just let The Rock decide which character he wanted to be. They don’t seem to know exactly which directon to go with this all.

  • Nathaniel Haywood

    YES! I was hoping he’d choose Black Adam – such a better fit. Plus, Black Adam is supposed to be Egyptian, and while he is Samoan it will work.

    Just think about his character in Fast Five, remove all moral/ethical restraint, and add massive magical powers. Done and done.

  • LuckyDay

    I can see DC start to just heap on villains into the mix, as they are with the heroes in BvS, leading to the inevitable super-villain-team-up-spin-off-mega-ultra-franchise

    • LuckyDay

      culminating in the hero franchise squaring off against the villain franchise in a super-franchise, coming at ya summer of 2034

      • LuckyDay

        at which point the super-franchise will fold in on itself, creating a rift in space and time and transporting us all into an alternate dimension where cats literally speak Spanish

  • spongefist

    I wish all this talk of a ‘rushed’ DC universe would stop… it’s a load of bollocks. These companies have access to the worlds best creative talent, money to burn and an almost infinite number of stories to tell.

    Build the DC movie-verse…

    Saying all that, Shazam is possible the worst title for a superhero of all time… but I will still be there on opening night.

  • Mezmero

    Ok Evan you were wrong LMMFAO! The foolishness of this comment section is always funny to watch and it goes to show you how spoiled some people are with these comicbook films. When I was a kid I grew up on both DC and MARVEL and now I can watch them both on the big screen. I can’t stand you spoiled brats why don’t you grow up my little cus can watch ZOD get his neck snapped but you grown men throw a fit like little girls……….well since she is girl haha your not even that LMMFAO! And I finally got to see Superman fight somebody on his level and actually fight so DC is on the right track and you fanboys are not needed to make it successful and I will let you know everytime because it’s fact HAHAHAAHAHAHhhahahahhaahahah

  • ʝoe βloggs

    Oh wow.
    PERFECT CASTING not seen since RDJ was cast as Iron Man!

  • blkyank

    Again, what solid information are you basing “seemingly rushed master plan to establish a cinematic universe of their own” aside from WB not telling every damn thing?

    SHAZAM has been in development (with The Rock attached) for years with an army of writers and Peter Berg attached to direct at one time or another and for a few years after Superman Returns,SHAZAM was looked upon as the logical next DC property to fill the void with Superman back on the shelf.

    How is that rushed when this project has been kicked around for about 7 years and looks like its still gonna be its own thing (at least for the first film) and not another Justice League hero solo film?

    It would be more of a rush job if Wonder Woman was put out as the second 2016 film since that film would have to be tied directly into BVS.

    This is just another example of if it seems things are not gonna be done the Marvel Studios way,some fanboys are gonna shite all over a film slate that hasn’t been revealed in full yet and thats really short sighted for people who work for a web sight about movies that deal with imagination.

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